The Ruins Of 43rd, On April 2nd, 2012...

43rd, Was the main street Below the ruins of the Chrysler Building. The street came under Attack during the Nazi Blitz of 2011 costing the town the Chrysler Building and the destruction of the small buildings from down below. A large fire fight took place hours after in an attempt to hold the Area until The subways can start Evacuating citizens, towards both the Unoccupied Docks, and Air Ports where they can escape by boat and Airplane, outta of the city. Despite beating back Several Nazi Land attacks, the area was eventually Overrun After Central Park had fallen, giving the SS A Huge advantage on the small street. After being overrun by Tanks, and Infantry the National Guard forces fled into the Subways destroying the entrances preventing the SS From following, and fled the area. 43rd, was abandoned after the Nazi Occupation of New York City, but was mostly likely considered to be abandon by the Citizens of New York. Despite the messy ruins, Nazi Germany still resides on the Street. It was also known that the street was known to them to become A Nazi Testing site, for Project Brabrossa, Which began somewhere In Early 2012, with the first Walkers, and Drop Ships being tested. The only thing that was difference between the 2, is that the Night Walkers have been tested In Berlin Germany, and the Drop Ships have been tested In 43rd.

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