Us costal defense 1898

89 Pounders Guarding Nira Island, drawn by Unknown Artist in 1898...

The 89 Pounder Costal Cannons
mosly known to the People of Nira Island as the 89 Pounders, were Nineteenth Century Costal Guns which guard Nira Island's North Western Sea board. The Cannons were constructed in 1898, during the the Costal Era, but led into a Rebellion in which was easily quelled in just 2 months. The 3 89 Pounders were resided by the United States government on april 3rd, of 1898, as museum cannons where they remained until 115 years later in 2013.

The Cannons were used by the United States Inland Military during the Battle of Nira Island, during the United Nazi War in order to try and Repel Nazi Germany's Invasion, but were eventually defeated in the wake of the Nazi War Machine.

The battle cost one of the Gun's destruction including 2 of them falling under Nazi control in order to be used to shell the British and US forces on the Island, many other historical weapons that were left on Nira from the Nineteenth Century. Thought Nazi Germany was eventually defeated on July 22nd, 2013, only 1 of the Cannons survived the Battle of Nira, and continued to exists until this day.

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