AK-47 Assault Rifle
Manufactured: 1949
Industry: Izhmash
Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min
Region of Origin: Soviet Union
  • Soviet/Russian Federation Military
  • United Fans of Normous (Primary rifle)
  • Echo Park (4-10 in fan Military arsenal.)
  • New Soviet Union
Effective Range: 400 metres (440 yd)
Cartridge: 7.62×39mm M43/M67
Years Actove: 1949-Present
Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt

The original AK was one of the first true assault rifles to be produced and put into service, after the Sturmgewehr 44. Despite being introduced over half a century ago it is still in wide use due to their durability, low production cost, and ease of use, and has gained notoriety as it was, and still is, commonly associated with insurgent, guerrilla and terrorist organizations all over the world.

While the Kalashnikov was first developed during World War II, it wasn't until the early 1950s when the Soviet Army adopted it as their service firearm.

United Nazi War Edit

During the United Nazi War the AK-47 Assault Rifle would be an Alien rifle to Nazi Geramny, mostly due to the fact that the rifle never saw action during the Second World War, therefore, no Nazis were killed or injured with Kalashnikovs during the events of WWII. It wasn't until the Battle of Cartel Hill in November of 2011 when Nazi soldiers first tasted death with these weapons.

The AK-47 was mostly used and carried by the United Fans of Nero during the United Nazi War and were used in other Battles following Cartel Hill, including Operation Gradossa, the Battle of Gara Hill, the Attack on Lor Fields, and even the Fall of Regal City in the summer of 2012. It was unknown what happened to these rifles after the Fall of Regal, as no other AK-47 was shown followed by this evnet, and it was likely possible that the remaining surviving factions might have lost too much money in order to purchase these rifles, and instead had to rely on World War II technology instead, but it is most likely that most of these rifles might still be taking part in the War and might be carried or salvaged by American Resistance cells as part of 21st Century technology that survived The Blitz in 2011.

Because of the punching power and Accuracy that this rifle posses, Nazi Germany had been trying to salvage and study this rifle for years in hopes of tracking the true creator of the weapon and destroy its mass production facilities. Though the Germans succeeded in capturing one, this one AK-47 was liberated before it could be studied on April 2nd, 2012 at Javelin Heights by German Resistance fighters, further ending Nazi Germany's only chance at studying an actual intact 21st Century rifle, though even after this Nazi Germany never gave up in searching salvaging more 21st Century equipment from both Europe and New England in the following years.

Nazi Germany would never uncover the creation of the rifle, as its true creators the Soviet Union had been disbanded since 1991, and the AK-47 had been produced by thousands of factories world wide.

Trivia Edit

  • Because it's similar in aspect to the Sturmgewehr 44, many have claimed that Mikhail was inspired by this weapon. This supposition, however has been refuted many times...
  • The AK was known as the United Fans of Nero's standard issued gun close to the RPD machine gun, and the M16 Assault rifle...
  • The AK-47 was not Encountered by Nazi Germany until the United Nazi War on November 14th 2011 during the Battle of Cartel Hill...