Assault on Camp Torx...
Attack on Camp Torx
Date: May 2nd, 2013 - May 3rd, 2013
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Camp Torx, Central Afghanistan
Status: German Victory...
  • US Evacuate Camp Torx...
  • Germans occupy Camp Torx...
  • Documents destroyed in attack...
  • Americans regroup at Ragronath...
  • Germans use Camp Torx as a staging area for Central Afghanistan...
Operation: Stealth Hit


The Attack on Camp Torx also known as The Surprise Assault on Torx was an unexpected surprise attack on the United States military camp in Central Afghanistan on the late night of May 2nd, 2013, during the German Coalition War, where a large force of over 2,000 German soldiers supported by 43 Panthers and Tigers had managed to position themselves undetected on the cover of darkness, and successfully attack Camp Torx. Despite such well entrenched Americans, the Germans succeeded in driving the US from Camp Torx, where the camp was later destroyed in the surprise attack as German tanks broke through the fences and attacked the Barracks, and weapon Caches all around the perimeter.

The only 2 Abram tanks were destroyed, due to the overwhelming German Panthers firing from the Deserts, while the third one was hit from the flank by German Soldiers coming up the hill. At the conclusion of the attack, only one Abram was able to retreat along with the camp's defenders of over at least 200 soldiers.

In the aftermath of the attack over 15 Americans were killed by German tank fire and Invading soldiers, while another 32 were left wounded. Despite this disastrous event the wounded were able to make it out of the camp in one Piece with the use of the bases transport trucks, where they escaped to the city of Ragronath, where they were regrouped and met with Reinforcements from the German Budwesher.

Camp Torx was than housed as a staging area for Nazi Operations in Central Afghanistan.


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