Battle of Lor Fields
The Attack on Lor Fields
Date: April 24th, 2012 - April 26th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War


Arrived Late...

Region: Lor FieldsNew Jersey

New Soviet/U.A.B.F. Victory...

  • New Soviet Union Establishes foot hold In Rhineborough...
  • U.A.B.F. soldiers finally Escape Rhinebourough...
  • Nazi Germany declares war on Russia...
  • Siege of Harcus ends...
  • New Soviet Union establishes a Guerilla war along side Resitance and Fan Milita fighters against Nazi Germany...
Operation: Mir 57


The Attack of Lor Fields was an event that occured in Occupied New Jersey on Lor Fields, during the Siege of Harcus, in April of 2012, where a large concentrated group of New Soviet forces landed and attacked a large portion of German forces in the region, while at the same time liberating Greason and taking over the German's main staging area in the Iroran Hills, located about 4 miles outside of Lor Fields.

The Attack had managed to save the stranded Brenda Fan garrison, from total Annihilation while at the same time forcing the Germans out of Lor Fields.

With many Germans dead following this Destructive and unexpected attack in 2012, Nazi Germany declared war and Invaded Russia, in August of the same year, as a right ful Response towards this attack.

Prior to The Events Edit

Before the New Soviet Union's intervention at Lor Fields on April 26th of 2012, Fighting had already plagued Lor Fields for months since 2011, where Nazi Germany had laid Siege to a large trap group of U.A.B.F Fan militia forces entrenched at Harcus, where about 20,000 U.A.B.F Fan forces were trapped in New Jersey following The Blitz on November 14th of 2011, and have since than remained surrounded by a large German army at Harcus.

On December 22nd, The U.A.B.F Have attempted too dig tunnels all around Harcus in a bold attempt to dig their way under German lines, but this event proved a failure when a German soldier had managed to discover one of the U.A.B.F forces constructing the tunnel on the 30th of December and launched an unprovoked attack on the U.A.B.F positions around Harcus, where they found and demolished the tunnels before they could be used.

Following this event, on the U.A.B.F's attempts on trying to escape New Jersey, Nazi Germany pulled a large bulk of their forces from Greason Town, and commenced a large Siege of Harcus fortifying their positions all around Harcus.

New Soviet AmassesEdit

In May of 2012, A large group of concentrated Russians who were opposed to Nazi Germany's continuous Existence, along with many of their families being that of American blood, began a historical change in the history of the Russian Federation, and began a military build up at Ranov, Russia.

By April 2nd, of 2012, Ranov established the New Soviet Union in a bold attempt to send a force to Occupied New England in order to give aide to the Americans in hopes of Liberating the northeastern states. Despite an angry and out raged response from Russian President Viktor Castro, who threatened the New Soviet Union for intervening with a war that no longer concerns the Russian homeland, the New Soviet Union amassed their forces on April 8th of 2012, and launched their forces by air on April 25th, for New England.

While on the way from Russia to New England, New Soviet jammers were used to block out American radar networks in order to keep them invincible to the American Inland army due to fear of them thinking that the New Soviet Union was going to Invade the United States instead of of Liberatiing them.

Though thier tactic worked as they neared New England, the Russian fleet of transports had beleivet that if they reached the waters of New England or over the coast line, Nazi Germany would scramble planes or engage them with anti Air fire from the ground, However none of these attacks were conducted when the planes arrived over the Coast line, although they did get Flak fire from the ground, German Planes were no longer scrabled.

This would get the New Soviet forces confused as they were completely unaware that the area that they chose to land their forces would already be a battlefield due to the Siege of Harcus.

Battle Edit

New Soviet Union LandsEdit

Despite taking heavy fire, from Nazi Artillery while crossing the New England Sea Wall, and losing a few Transports from Flak fire, while travelling over Atlantic City. The New Soviet Union were able to desrupt German communication relays before they had the chance to warn Lor Fields of the New Soviet Unions pressence that was already closing in on the field from the North.

Upon arriving over Lor Fields, New Soviet transports began to automatically air drop thier forces of both Infantry and armored vehicles onto the ground.

Due to fighting already plaguing the area, the New Soviet landings managed to hit the ground saftly without coming under fire from Nazi Germany on the ground. Upon landing on the ground, New Soviet forces automatically began to create a perimeter all around the Norlan Swamps where they planned to use these swamps as their major staging area while awaiting for the second wave of Russian Transports to air drop the rest of the New Soviet forces into this postion.

Opening SkirmishesEdit

Though most of the First wave was able to land beyond reach of the Harcus area, one group of Transports, landed off course, after being seperated from the main fleet while over Atlantic City, and landed somewhere behind German Lines about 12 miles from Harcus.

Despite handling a German Patrol in the region with the use of stealthy attacks and asualt rifle equipped Silencers, the New Soviet Union forces had managed to become spotted by a patrolling squardon of German Ju-87's forcing this very squad to hide out into the woods, although the New Soviet Squad had managed escaped the sight of the Dive Bombers, along with a couple of patroling Armored patorls, some New Soviet forces were killed in minor Shootouts throughout the region, before they could escape.

Nazi Germany after discovering the Bodies would soon get suspicious on the where abouts of these new comers that have just landed in Occupied New Jersey.

Nazi SuspicionsEdit

minutes following these small skirmishes, German forces have quickly gathered the bodies and sent them by rail too Greason Town, several seconds before the New Soviet attack was commenced on the field. After the bodies have reached Greason, German officers, and nationality experts had found out that these soldiers were that of Eastern European decent, but the which nation that they arrived from was unknown. A group of German officers became suspicious when they saw the Hammer and Sickle inside of a Grey star, where many had believed that these soldiers were sent from Ukraine or Romania, as many of these officers no longer believed at the time that they had originated from Ranov Russia, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

However the sight of AK-47's that were also found and collected by German forces some time after this one group had managed to escape the Luftwaffe would also cause the biggest confusion for Nazi Germany on trying to Decipher where these soldiers were sent from as AK-47 Assault Rifles were manufactured and designed world wide.

The results were later sent from Greason, too the soldiers at Lor Fields, where they began to question the Identify of these deceased soldiers, but by the time a decision could be made by Nazi Officials, the New Soviet Union had attacked and conquered Greason Town, forcing German forces in the region to divert North, and reclaim the town, thus allowing the Trapped U.A.B.F to finally vacate their postions.

Clash on Lor FieldsEdit

Immediately after Conquering Greason Town, New Soviet forces quickly surged out into the fields about 20 miles outside of the city, in a bold attempt to create a Perimeter, but plans changed when German Light Infantry arrived in the area, and a group of New Soviet forces engaged and shot three of their soldiers before the SS got close to the lines.

These shots were eventually heard by the German siege forces that were at Harcus, forcing a large bulk of their armored units away from their current positions in order to engage the New Soviets that were to the north of their positions.

Nazi Counter AttackEdit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Attack on Lor Fields, was the first known Foreign to Foreign Battle too take place on American Soil, in American History, as No Americans were present at the time of this engagement accept for the Brenda Fans, who were in the region fighting already, before the arrival of the New Soviet Union...
  • Lor Fields marked the first battle in the history of the New Soviet Union...
  • Nazi Germany at the time before the arrival of New Soviet forces were engaged in a Siege Battle against Brenda forces in the region, before it was interfered by New Soviet forces...
  • Though the New Soviet Union managed to win a successful victory against Nazi Germany, It was stated that Nazi Germany had more overwhelming forces than those of the New Soviet Union, stating that if the New Soviet Union were using World War II Technology, the Germans would have annihilated them on the spot, but since they were armed with Powerful 21st Century weapons and equipment, it was discovered that, these 21st Century guns were the main key to the New Soviet Success against the Overwhelming man power that Nazi Germany had in the region at the time...
  • The United Alliance of Brenda fans were present at the time of this attack...
  • It was discovered, in United Nazi War web Series Episode, New Soviet Union, that Nazi Germany at the time of the New Soviets arrival had no idea who they were, stating that Nazi Germany was well aware of the Collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and might have thought of the New Soviets at the time of being either from Serbia, Romania, or Ukraine...
  • Nazi Germany declared War on Russia, Immediately after this attack which would later lead to the Invasion of Russia in August 18th of the exact same year as this attack...
  • It was learned that Nazi Germany discovered the Identities of the New Soviet Union during the Liberation of Greason, in the final hours of the Lor Field Attack...
  • During the Lor Field Engagement, it was discovered that the New Soviet Unions Man power was those of about 1,291 foot soldiers, and 49 Armored columns, as Nazi Germany's power in the region was that of 18,000 Soldiers, and 200 Armored Columns...
  • It was mentioned by Russland Resistance Fighters, during the Invasion of Russla, in September of 2012, that if it weren't for both 21st Century equipment, and the Nazi's being engaged in a Fight already in the field, the New Soviet Union would have been shot down out of the sky before being able to land their forces in Occupied New Jersey...
  • Though having to easily Outmatch the Germans due to Technology wise, the New Soviet Union would not be enough to liberate all of New England...

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