Battle Of Seminole Hill
Battle of Seminole Hill
Date: August 2nd, 2012 - August 5th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War

First Belligerents

Arrived Late

Region: Seminole Hill, Upstate New York
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Neo Nazi's are Brought to Occupied Manhattan, than Shipped out too Nazi Germany days after...
  • Brenda Kylie discovered a second time...
Operation: Seminole


The Battle of Seminole Hill, also known as the Attack on Seminole Hill, was a National Guard Coordinated Attack, in order to destroy a large National Socialist group that had just entered New England from the West in hopes of entering Occupied New England along side there strongest alley Nazi Germany, located at Seminole Hill about 12 miles West of Region City.

The NSM Completely unaware of an attack were drawn completley off Seminole Hill where they made there final stand at Region City. Just as the U.S were about to claim victory over the National Socialists, Nazi Germany arrived without warning behind American lines and forced back the National Guard attack.

The National Socialists now  protected by Nazi Germany, was able to escape there fates into Occupied Manhattan, where they would be later shipped out to Nazi Germany days after.

Trivia Edit

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