Skirmish At Vara Grove
Battle of Vara Grove
Date: November 29th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Vara Grove, Northwest Michigan
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • United Alliance Disbands...
  • Carl Larson Is Killed In Action...
  • 2091riveraisrael rarely escapes out alive...
  • Nazi Germany Occupies Vara grove Hours after Skirmish...
Operation: Poseidon
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The Skirmish At Vara Grove was a major shootout that took place in the ruined town of Vara Grove located in North Western Michigan during the Final hours of Operation Kittredge.

The Skirmish brought about the murder of Carl Larson, and the dismemberment of the United Alliance, surviving group of the Skirmish the Echo Park, rarely get out alive, but managed to reach Gale town after the Germans occupied Vara Grove.

Background Edit

Prelude Edit

a couple of Days after the Fall of Cincinnati City, the SS Began to conduct a large amass at Kaiu, a Japanese American town about 4 miles south of Cincinnati City. This large forces was schedualled to either defend or Counter attack if Nessary. For the time Nazi Germany's forces were ready, and prepared for a counter attack to find Kara Leina, who had managed to escape the Nazi Aggression and retreated to Gail Town in North Western Michigan.

Before the counter attack was able to commence, the SS launched several patrols into the region, some suffered fire from Militia, while the others managed to make it through with out frining a single shot. The Germans however soon discovered a group of U.A forces retreating to a small town in the area.

It was known to be abandoned after intense bombing runs during the Invasion of Cincinnati City, where the bombers eventually spreaded outwards throughout Michigan knocking on the state's door and letting the whole state know that the SS are there.

After reporting the position to High Command, the Germans sent out a large Search and destroy squad of about up to 30-50 Troops, in length, including 3 Machine Gunners, and 2 Anti Tank troopers armed with Panzer Schrecks, into the region to scout on ahead. The patrols returned afterwards back to Cincinnati City, but some patrols joined the search and destroy squad to find out where the United Alliance forces are cowering at.

The Attack Edit

The Attack on Vara Grove began at around 5:23Pm, surprising both Factions, causing them to remain hidden within the ruins of the Town, hopping to pick off the SS one by one, without them spotting there Positions.

As soon as the Nazi Brigade entered the deep ruins of the town, both E.P and U.A, forces let lose with a barrage of bullets taking out the first wave, which was unknown to any of them that it was just a scouting party. After the Scouting party had been dealt with, the SS returned with a second wave from the town's rear end, and began to lay siege.

The towns's South put a strong resistance with the help of cover from the ruins repelling multipe SS Attackers, sending them retreating down towards the towns old school house, (That was once roamed by 20-89 children before the SS Invasion of New England. Not anymore).

The SS attempted to reform, and attack but news of a possible third wave that was coming from the North, armed with Panzerschrecks, and MG.42's stop them. By 5:45Pm, the Germans third Wave attacked the North diverting 2091riveraisrael to defend the North leaving his father to defend the south on his own.

The Germans gathered at the old school house, attacked a second time, and began to have an advantage over the United Alliance, using the creek bed, and shattered ruins into there favor.

This antic would later force Carl to order a retreat of the Southern sector which was now over run, by SS, and regroup with hi son 2091riveraisrael, which would never happen. Carl would remain behind on the front lines in the ruins armed with only a sniper rifle holding back the SS, while his forces got away, but the SS proved more reluctant, when another wave of Infantry arrived with a Panzerschreck, and destroyed the Ruble causing Car to become severely injured.

As soon as he came German soldier open fires and kills him, leaving 2091riveraisrael to hold the town on his own.

The southern portion of Vara Grove was now under Nazi control after about 20 minutes, all United Alliances forces were either captured or shot on the spot (Depending on them.) This antic would later force the dissolution of the United Alliance, in the future.

By 6:19Pm, the SS attacked the E.P's Southern flank, leaving 2091riveraisrael now surrounded.

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