The Battle of Ackerson was a strategic engagement in the United Nazi War fought between the US Inland Army, and Nazi Germany near the town of Ackerson on the Illinois, Michigan Border.

The Battle was most well done for German Entry into the Western Portion of the Michigan Border, after already having to breach Saga during Operation Von Dale a months ago, though the Battle appeared to have been lost for the United States Inland Army, it was conducted in American Victory when Kara Leina wiped out a large majority of German Armor with The Rapid Power, thus turning the tide and allowing the AMericans to counter attack.

The Conclusion of Ackerson allowed the United States to reclaim the entire Border of Michigan including retaking Sega and Hollow Hill in the process. Though a victory the Battle of Ackerson left Kara Leina severely burned from The Power, and was rushed back to Gail Town where she would spend the remainder of hte United Nazi War in support with her faction.


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