The Battle of Archer Fields
Battle of Archer Fields
Date: May 26th, 2012 - May 29th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Archer Fields, Occupied New Jersey
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Regal City Occupied...
  • Archer Field Conquered...
  • UABF retreat Into Regal...
  • Fightin still Escalates In Regal City Until June 1st, 2012...


The Battle of Archer Fields was known too be both the opening and main Battle during the Fall of Regal City, between New Soviet forces, U.A.B.F. and Nazi Invaders.

The Battle was unleashed some time after the Skirmish on the fields grew into a large ground scale conflict, later resulting into a Nazi Invasion of Regal City.

Prior Edit

By May 3rd 2012, a group of New Englanders attempted too Escape the Occupied region, by Crossin the Inertia Line In South Jersey, This large Continental Evacuation would later force the SS, into sendin more Armored Patrols into Occupied New Jersey, in an attempt too help the Wehrmacht close the New England Gap, as a result may refugees from New York had been caught by the SS, and were throw back into there states, where they were sent too work in the Death camps as punishment, many others were just shot right on the spot with no questions asked.

Those who did managed too escape didn't get as far, and were caught in Upstate New York, by other German Patrols, others as well were shot on the spot by the Inertia Line defense fortifications.

These tricky tactics and Land Blockades prevented several American Refugees from escapin from the North, eventually the Refugee's switched there plans and moved South Bound in order too escape New England, by entering Pennsylvania. By May 24th, a large group of Refugee's who were armed with captured German guns fought there way, passed many Nazi Road Blocks in the high way, and made it too the Archer

fields, where they camped for a breather. But one night on May 25th 2012, A small group of German Soldiers discovered the refugee's and reported too high command. By a quarter too dawn the Refugee's were attacked by the SS, while still sleepin, the attack resulted into the arrest and massacre of the Refugee's leavin only 2 left in lucky terms decided too make a head start for the undefended Inertia Line goin into Pennsylvania.

The SS however despite rounding up, and quelling the Refugee Rebellion knew that there were still other Refugee's that might have slipped through, the night before there forces attacked the camp, and raced off in all directions of Archer Fileds in search of the final 2.

On the morning of May 26th, 2012. The 2 surviving Refugees were now about 12 miles East of the Inertia Line, but unfortunate for the, the Germans eventually caught up. At one point the Refugee's armed only with Pistols attempted too strive the Germans, but there were too many, however just before the SS could get close enough too arrest them 2, a U.A.B.F. soldier makes a surprise appearnce from the trees and draws away the Nazi forces allowing himself too be exposed instead of the Refugees.

The SS Eventually took cover in the tall grass, allowing the U.A.B.F. Soldier too aide the Refugee's in there escape. Unfortunate, one of the Nazi soldiers emerged from the grassy feilds, and fired a KAR-98. round right into the U.A.B.F. soldiers, left arm, but the trio continued humping. The SS than moved out of cover and attempted too pursuit the three on foot, only too get bogged down by an MG.42, hiddien in the woods. This event caused the Germans too withdraw after losing already 3 men.

The Archer SkirmishEdit

Shootout in the WoodsEdit

The Shots were eventually, heard by an Unidentified Nazi Officer, who was commanding the search party, for the trio about 1 mile away, and he than order in a patrol in an attempt too discover the source of the shots. A patrol of about 9-German soldiers climbed out of the trenches, and inspected the bodies, only too be repelled by the exact same MG.42, that hit the first patrol.

However while 2 Germans ran off, the other 7 ducked in cover behind the dirt hills in an attempt too Identify the shooter hidden in the woods, some fired rounds into the forest in an attempt too silence the shots but non prevailed. The same MG.42 Fired again killin another 2 German Soldiers, but one eventually discovered the shadow in the woods, and Fired killing the MG.42 gunner, and silencing it.

Realizing the gunner was down, The Germans attempted too slowly move forward while still remaining prone, in case of a second gunner.

Despite the death of the Unknown MG.42 gunner, the small shoot out served it's purpose on allowing the 2 Refugee's too get away.

The SkirmishEdit

Little did the Nazi's know, is that the MG.42 in the forest was merely a diversion in order too draw the German patrols out into the open right near Carson Manor. Write as the Germans were inspecting the body of the unknown gunner, a group of New Soviet Soldiers arrived, from the South and attacked the second patrol, causing a fire fight near the manor.

The fire fight lasted for 20 minutes, as the New Soviet Union had hoped to draw the Germans away from the Refugee's and instead have them engage themselves instead. After taking massive casualties despite killing 2 of the New Soviet Soldiers, the German patrols began to retreat back into the fields, where a much larger group of New Soviet forces arrived supported by an armored APC, and attacked from the nearby hills, killing other Nazi Patrols who were attempting too reinforce the previous one that was already under fire. Eventually all patrols were outnumbered and outgunned.

The Unidentified Officer who was witnessing the attack, ordered the Germans too report too high Command signaling that they were up against something more than just Refugees.

Battle Edit

Word of the attack sparked Much of Nazi Occupied New Jersey, as well as many near by armored patrols that could hear the fighting takin place at Archer Fields. While the unknown German office was holding the New Soviet Union in Archer, The Germans arrived into the field with tank support. The fighting skirmishes that were taking place in Archer fields later grew into a large ground engagement. New Soviet Jets had pounded the fields burning away much of the tree line reducing it into a No Mans Land, but the German Advanced kept coming.

The SS Returned in much larger numbers and the battle for the Archer fields has begun. A Large group of U.A.B.F. Had attacked the German main force first in an attempt too give the New Soviets time too establish there defenses, but the attempts were crushed after the Germans began sending more tanks support than infantry.

Eventually the New Soviet Union counter attacked, and set fire too much of the Nazi Tanks on approach with the help of RPG's on the hills, but the Germans main force had out grown from reinforcements that were comin in from the North. The U.A.B.F. However attempted too storm the Nazi Flanks too the east, but were repelled due too Half Tracks, the charge later crippled their chance into breaking the back of the Nazi War Machine. The New Soviet Union eventually lost control of the town of Carcasun, that was just about 2 miles away from Carson Manor.

The SS attempted too claim the town, from the New Soviet Union, where a large fire fight occured, in the ruins of Carcasun. Despite heavy bombings from the Luftwaffe, the New Soviet Union still remained strong in the ruins of the town. By May 28th, the Germans attempted too storm the town, but were repelled after reaching the center of the town. The New Soviets pushed the Germans back towards the outskirts, where they pulled back. The New Soviet attempted too forced the Germans away from the town, but were shelled by Artillery in which forced them too take refuge back in the town.

During the next day of the Siege on May 29th, the Germans began too pound Carcasun with both artillery, and Aerial assaults, in which despite missing many of the New Soviet Defense resulted into the destruction of half the outer perimeter defenses. With one swift counter attack the Germans re entered Carcasun, this time with more tanks than infantry. The 2 German divisions attacked from both the North and right flank and eventually over ran the town, forcing the New Soviets out.

With the last strong hold gone, the remaining New Soviet forces regrouped with a bunch U.A.B.F. on a barricade, where they made another stand against the Nazi advance, but after 5 hours of intense fighting the Barricade was breached. Now outnumbered, the New Soviet Union and U.A.B.F abandon the Archer Fields and fled into Regal City, the last and only city in New Jersey that has not yet fallen under Nazi Occupation that lies about 12 miles Southwest.

Aftermath Edit

After Regal's Fall

Archer Fields One Day after Regal Cities' Downfall on June 2nd, 2012...

Not long following the fall of Archer Fields, the Germans had entered Regal City, under stiff and heavy resistance from both New Soviet and U.A.B.F forces.

The city had been reduced to a wasteland, following the initial attack when the Germans had invaded and occupied the Regal Railway stations opening up a doorway into the city, while the main force smashed in through Archer Fields.

Street battles tore the city, apart while RPG teams from the high ground attempted to wipe out Nazi Tanks moving in.

Snipers in the windows picked off German infantry one at a time but were eventually killed by Tanks, that were covering the Infantry. By May 30th, Nazi Germany appeared to be gaining the upper hand against the U.A.B.F and New Soviets seizing about 87% of Regal, and forcing both factions into the center at Ka Ave, just about 12 Blocks away from Xavier Hall.

The New Soviet Union however counter attacked against the Germans too the east and managed too retake about 2 blocks, but were once again forced back by both Air attacks, and rocket launchers that were now placed in the train yards, in which help strive off the rest of the resistance.

On May 31st, of 2012, the Nazi's had struck Angel Plaza and eradicated the rest of the New Soviet union off the face of the United States leaving nothing more but the U.A.B.F left to fight them. A large shootout took place for control of Mirren park as well, but lasted no less than 13 minutes, resulting into a quick Nazi victory over control of Regal Cities largest park anr the encircling of the rest of Ka Ave. The U.A.B.F now knowing that the Germans were now about a breath away from receiving total victory, then began to clear out Xavior hall while fighting continued escalating out in the streets. Knowing there fate and that the refugee's lives were at stake the remaining U.A.B.F Continued to fight on in the city until their last breath.

5 hours later, Regal City was brought entirely under Nazi Occupation, but fighting would still continue around the shattered streets of Ka Ave for one final day.

Eventually, the Resistance in Regal City was Eradicated, leaving only Germans too Populate the City. Hours after Regal Cities fall the Fields of Archer became Abandoned leaving Nothin left in the fields, but Destroyed tanks and dead rotting Corpses, which would eventually be cleaned up by June 18th, 2012.

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