Conquest of Gara Hill
Operation Gradossa
Date: November 21st, 2011 - December 1st, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
  • United Fans of Nero
  • Nazi Germany
Region: Catskill Mountains Upstate New York
Status: U.E.F. Victory...
  • Germans leave Catskill Mountains...
  • Germany cut off from Main force at Carcus Town...


Battle of Gara Hill, later known as The Siege of Gara Hill was known to be the second Largest Hill Engagement on U.S Soil during the early weeks of the United Nazi War, between The United Fans of Nero, and Nazi Germany, during the final day of Operation Gradossa on November 21st, 2011.

The Siege was known to prove very exhausting and vital to the U.F.N, but despite they're heavy losses they remained on the hill, until a small chunk of the United States Military returned from Afghanistan and shelled the Germans into the ground, driving them away from the hill, and receiving victory a day later on December 1st.

The Battle of Gara Hill was also among one of the Longest Engagments in the Early Days of the United Nazi War, dating from November 21st, to December 1st in the Fall of 2011.

Evacuation of Saw Hill Edit

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After the North Army managed to break through the U.A.B.F. center lines, it caused the massive downfall of Saw Hill's defenses in which would later allow the entire German army too attack from all directions.

Though the U.F.N managed to hold for up too about 4 hours, the SS began to respond with king Tiger Tanks, in which managed to destroy many of the U.F.N's medium armored tanks, allowing SS infantry to overwhelm the hill's side defenses and later the hill top itself.

Realizing that the hill was lost the U.F.N began a hasty retreat off the hill top using many explosives, such as propane tanks, fuel barrels, rolling grenades, and even fire works, to help slow down the Germans that were in hot pursuit from right behind.

After managing to escape the hill, the U.F.N were very surprised that the SS did not try too regroup with the North Army that was already wreaking havoc at Carcus Town. Too much of there fears, the SS were instead chasing after them, using the Luftwaffe to pound them from above while the main forces pursued by land.

While enroute to Gara Hill, the retreating U.F.N forces warned the hill that the SS Were not diverted to Carcus Town, but at them, and the hill began to fortify itself with just about anything that can kill man.

Hill Attack Edit

First WaveEdit

The After taking up defensive postions around Gara hill's ruins, the SS pursuing SS arrived and attacked with a mixture of both tanks, and infantry. The U.F.N, directed its many of there forcestowards the ruins in hopes of the ruble giving there infantry way more cover than those of the trenches and fox holes.

The SS serged forward with a barrage that was more powerful than it was during the engagement that was hours earlier in Saw hill, and Cartel hill 11 days back.

After receiving too many losese as well as tank support, the SS retreated back down to the bottom where they regrouped in a planned attack too launch a second wave against Gara Hill, in which the U.F.N. knew about and had already began to prepare themselves for a second attack that could be commenced by Nazi Germany at any time.

Second WaveEdit

Hurricane Zira Strikes Edit

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Continuous Fire Edit

Third WaveEdit

Fourth WaveEdit

Reinforcements arrive Edit

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Possible 5th, WaveEdit

German Withdraw Edit

Aftermath Edit

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