Battle of Hill 66
Battle of Hill 66
Date: November 11th, 2011 - November 13th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Cartel Hill, United States
Status: United Fan of Nero Victory...
  • Prevented Germans from Completely Conquering the Catskills...
  • German Invasion Stalled
  • Nazi Germany Discover AK-47 along with other Weapons beyond their time...
  • Nazi Germany begins the Hunt for 21st Century tech in New England...
Battle Time: 7:00Am - 11:45Am
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The Battle of Cartel Hill. or In American words The Battle of Hill 66. was a major Engagement in the United Nazi War fought between the Fan Militia of Nera and Nazi Germany from November 11th to November 13th 2011 during The Blitz. It was known to be an official Key engagement in the early days of the entire war, If the U.F.N forces lose Hill 66, The Germans would completely overrun Upstate New York.

The United Fans of Normous victory On Hill 66, brought about a temporary End to a Nazi Occupation of Northern Upstate New York.

The Battle of Hill 66 also proved how outdated the Germans were when it came to military equipment, introducing Nazi Germany to 21st century guns, Such as AK-47's, RPD's machine guns, and Rocket Propelled Grenades, along with other fire arms that they have never seen before and never existed 66 years ago.

It was also known as the first most bloodiest battle In Nazi Warfare, and the second major defeat against Nazi Germany in the United Nazi War.

Prior to the Battle Edit

U.A.B.F. Defeat at Cat Skill TownEdit

Fall Of Catskill Town

German tanks break through the CatSkill Town Residential area...

After the SS Defeat In West Upstate New York The Germans counter attacked and reclaimed the lands that were liberated by the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans Yesterday, and also dealt a crushing blow to the U.A.B.F at Catskill Town breaking through their lines, despite a great advantage that the U.A.B.F has had in the early hours of the campaign, who did a brave charge occupying the hills, but were later surprised on what lied on the other side, and it wasn't victory. After another German counter attack of Panzer tanks and Halftracks the U.A.B.F began an orderly retreat while the Germans were beginning to crush and over run their Positions. Within hours the nearly 80% of the Catskill
Air Attack on U.A.B.F Retreat

U.A.B.F Retreat under attack from German Luftwaffe...

Mountains had fallen into German hands sending the U.A.B.F Running West. While on the run the Luftwaffe caught up with the retreating U.A.B.F forces and began to destroy them from above. After 20 minutes a large bulk of the U.A.B.F were left to die due to panic from the air attacks, and wasn't long before a German Patrol arrived minutes later inspecting the dead bodies while joking
German controlled Skies

German Bombers fly in the skies above Upstate New York, symbolizing that the Germans now control the Skies...

around on how poorly trained that the U.A.B.F. is, even going as far as to mentioning Justin Bieber's name along in the humor conversation between the SS forces.

While inspecting many Germans would often kickin U.A.B.F helmets on the ground as if they were soccer balls while some insulted the U.A.B.F failed tactics in military defenses. A German soldier also stated that the United States outside Military was no longer in the country and was too busy in Afghanistan against the Taliban, to return and throw the Germans out. He stated that it was because of that was why the Germans were doing so well in their homeland.

The Germans after inspecting the bodies began to look in the sky and celebrated as their Bombers began flying in the sky realizing that they have complete control of the skies over western Upstate New York and also a step closer to Brenda. An agent of Brenda Kylie calls the U.A.B.F forces informing them that their is another Alliance Stationed on Hill 66.

Battle Edit

First AttackEdit

U.F.E. Patrol

U.F.N Patrol recons through Rano Forest...

The New Alliance that was stationed at Cartel Hill was ordered by their most famous Rapper Leader, Nero, to stand their ground on the hill after watching the News on the Nazi Invasion.

Despite him not truly believing the Germans are invading and actually thinking of this as an Alternate Historical practical joke along with his newly formed Fan Militia known as the United Fans of Nero, he did as Brenda Kylie's Agent had said in order to be nice, but deep down him and neither of his fan believed that the SS Existed after 1945 66 years ago, and instead believed this to be a Practical joke.

On November 11th, while on the hill the forces of the U.F.N actually began to crack on their leaders believing that they were doing drugs, including Heroin and crack again and that they were there for nothing. Things got so bad that some of the soldiers merely went insane from this nonse
German Sniper hits U.F.E Patrol

Hidden German snipers shoots at U.F.N patrol...

nse and had to be restrained under armed supervision. Finally U.F.N Leader Nero orders a patrol to enter the Rano Forest located about 20 Miles East of Hill 66 (Cartel Hill).

While on patrol one of the U.F.N soldiers stopped in his tracks followed by his other 12 Squad mates who were looking at him in a state of confusion.

A cocking sound of a rifle broke the silence causing the soldiers to duck in cover, missing sniper fire from 2 German snipers hidden in the grass that were watching their every move.

After the second shot missed, the entire patrol was ambushed by German forces charging outta of the trees. The now very shocked Patrol began to take cover behind logs and trees what ever was around them and began to fend off the Attacking
German attack In Rano

German Legion charges from the forest attacking U.F.N. Patrol in Rano...


Despite wiping out a large number of German attackers in the woods the SS later began to switch their tactics and began to move around their flanks, later the patrol is attacked from all sides causing them to abandon their positions and retreat back West sending a distress call to the defenders on top of the hill stating to them that Nazi Germany really was around and that they have already killed about 8 of their men, forcing the defenders to take a look for themselves, while on the run some of the Patrols became blocked by German flanking forces causing 4 of the men to become surrounded and pinned down.

They did managed to hold out for a couple of hours but Germans began to hit em from all sides, causing the U.F.N position to become overrun.

The 3 men now down to 2, later managed to slip away from the German by tossing a flash bang Grenade and duck under the grass managing to make it past the German lines and race back with the other patrol that was still under fire. As the patrol finally regrouped with the Defenders they defenders than look out in shock seeing a large German Panzer division heading towards the hill, 15 Tanks and 30,000 Soldiers.

Fighting on Hill 66.Edit

German Advance To Hil 66

Germans advancing towards Hill 66 while under fire from U.F.N Mortars on the Hill...

The Germans marched relentlessly through the Grassy hills while taking fire from U.F.N Mortar fire from ontop of the hill, Despite the heavy bombardment of Mortar fire the Germans unphased, due to having to live through these kind of attacks from back in the Second World War 63 years ago during their invasion of Soviet Russia at the time.

When the German advance reached charging distance the Germans began to charge up the Hill while receiving furious fire from AK-47's RPD's and RPG launchers from ontop.

The U.F.N was ordered to hold the hill with all of their might for if they did not the Germans would overrun the entire Cat Skill Mountains.

Despite ferocious fighting along side the hill the Germans literally backed up with Panzer tanks began to break through the U.F.N's first lower lines and overrun the RPD nests along the trenches continuing their advance towards the top of the Cartel Hill.

The U.F.N now in complete and utter shock on how they were losing ground to a 66 year old Party began to reinforce their positions with more RPD machine guns and AK-47's firing on the Infantry, while the bulk of anti Tank troops would
U.F.E under fire

U.F.N soldier contacts Nero while under fire from German Panzer tanks from down below...

try and keep the German Panzer tanks from moving any closer to the hill.

Despite the RPG teams managing to destroy at least 5 tanks, along with 20 Infantry in the lower field with one single rocket, The Germans switched their tactics and began to attack from the Left and right, causing the defense of Cartel Hill to become even more harder.

Within hours the Left flank of Hill 66 began to cave in and the Germans began to over run the second line of Trenches to the East forcing a large group of U.F.N forces to abandon the West positions to defend the east.

Despite the Germans advantage the move to the East failed due to the West side being repelled of both Infantry and Tanks, and allowing the forces of the U.F.N to reinforce the East.

After the G
Cartel Hill, November 2011...

Nazi Second wave charges up Hill 66 receiving fire from AK-47's and RPD...

erman forces retreated back down the hill to the first level of trenches while still receiving fire from RPD's from above they call in several air strikes that begin to pound the Hill with payloads.

Even though the airstrikes did severe damage to the U.F.N defenders at the top of the hill, the United Fans of Nero continued to stand their ground forcing the Germans to redeploy for another attack. Hours later the Germans launched one more attack up the hill with the remainment of their tanks and managed to reoccupy some of the mid section of the Hill, but were repelled again due to lack of resources and Tank support.

Finally at the dawn of November 13th, the Weaken German Divisions withdrew from the Cartel Region and retreated back to Tyrus.

The United Fans of Nero celebrated by firing AK-47's in the air along with listing to Nero songs on the new Boom box that was purchased by one of the soldiers last year before the war.

Aftermath Edit

After the Nazi Defeat in the Battle of Hill 66, the Germans retreated back to Tyrus which was already under siege from U.A.B.F forces who decided to take the battle of Hill 66 as an advantage point in trying to reclaim at least some of their land, with this known tactic, Operation SS Freedom was i
Map 2

Germans Pushed Back After Their defeat At Cartel Hill.


Despite the U.A.B.F's major success in multiple regions along with Inland Army forces that battle soon entered Tyrus City.

The victory at Tyrus was known to be a failure, due to the German remaining Divisions from Cartel Hill arriving and repulsing the attackers driving them outta of the city and later the entire region.

Despite the major insurgency at Tyrus the Germans forces later began to back down in fighting for at least a week. What caught their interest the most was the sight of newly constructed guns, that they have never seen before.

The Battle of Cartel Hill was known to introduce Nazi Germany into the 21st Century Era, and not the Second World War . Germans began to study the new Guns that were salvaged from Dead, U.F.N officials in Rano forest but even the best of the Third Reich's scientist couldn't decipher these new fire arms.

Trivia Edit

  • The Germans, during the Cartel Hill Campaign were known to be Highly shocked to see 21st Century guns that no longer existed in the Second World War...
    • Even though 21st Century guns were used in Germany during the Nazi Invasion in the German Civil War, the reaction in New England's 21st Century guns during The Blitz and Battle of Hill 66 would reveal that the Nazi's were paying no attention to the advancements in Technologies during the German Civil War...
  • The ending of the Battle was no longer Shown In Episode Battle Of Hill 66 in the United Nazi War Series, but it was declared that the Nero fans were able to hold the hill, as it was revealed in Episode 3 "SS Freedom" that the German forces who counter attacked the Inland and fan milita's in Tyrus were the same forces that attacked the hill, proving that the German attack on the hill failed, and that the Tyrus Uprising may have forced the Nazi's to abandon the third wave and return to quell the attack...
  • Despite winning a victory here, Cartel Hill was occupied by the Germans during Operation Gradossa, On November 20th, during the Attack on Carcus Town 8 days later...
  • Cartel Hill was known as a hill surrounded by thick fields and forests about 20 miles south of the Canadian boarder...
  • The Germans advance on Hill 66 was unknown, it was possible that they migh have tried to enter Canada, or that they just wanted the hill just for the sake of it...