Battle of Hollow Hill
Date: January 22nd, 2012 - January 23rd, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Hollow Hill, Southern Michigan
Status: Unknown...
  • Echo Park severely crippled...
  • Nazi Germany Occupies Hollow Hill...
  • Unknown Victor...
  • Echo Park Remaining force fates unknown...
Operation: Von Dale


The Battle of Hollow Hill was the last engagement between SS and Echo Park forces in Operation Von Dale.

The Battle was in the making of determining the fate of Nolan Ross, and also making it the first battle in Military history to take place right in front of a house, also referring to later around it.

Though the battle clearly ended, it was unknown who won at Hollow Hill due to a German Panzer tank destroying some of the Hills Communication arrays cutting off feed back to Hollow hill leaving the Hill Dark in the Process.

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Battle of NeroEdit

After the failure at Sega the Germans pushed their attack deeper into Southern Michigan heading North, towards Hollow Hill that was known to be 20 miles away.

Echo Park forces began to establish defensive positions all around the hill and hopped that their major Strength Defense, would at least gain an advantage in their failing Operation. With their final lines of Defense in Nero Forest, and Tartarus Fields, Echo Park began to hold Nero as the SS Began to enter one legion at a time.

Fierce Shootouts began to erupt all over the Forest between Echo Park and Nazi Germany. Nolan Ross stated that Echo Park were still heavily weakened from their failed attempted at Gale Dorva, and knew that it was already a losing fight from the start.

They managed to hold out a couple of hours, repelling one legion at a time. The Germans eventually started to swarm in from all directions making events more difficult for Echo Park both the right and Left flanks held the flanking forces while the center continued on the main. Hours drew past, but Nazi Germany proved to be more superior in military strength of power causing them to eventually overrun, the Echo Park from all directions.

Nolan Ross ordered the Echo Park now to retreat back to the Tartarus fields even if it meant breaking through the Nazi Ring that surrounds their position.

Though heavily suicidal Echo Park managed to break out of Nero Fields and regroup with the larger defense line at Tartarus fields where they began to dig in from all direction left and right. Tartarus fields was known as the last line defense between the Nazi's and Hollow Hill that was just 2 miles away on wide open terrain.

With time scare there was only about 2 hours before the Germans reformed into there main force and would hit the region, and not even that that was much time for the Echo Park of to organize defensive positions.

Battle of The Tartarus FieldsEdit

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Battle of the East & Western SlopesEdit

Destroying a Night WalkerEdit

During the course of the engagement where one of the men who escaped New England, was known to be waiting on his transportation in order to make his/her way to United City In Western Indiana. The Player is taken into game play when he/she is seen exiting a hill formation with a door, with the sky blackened, smoke In the distance, Heavy rain, Thunder, Lightning mixed with explosions fill the entire screen.

The Player is led by Echo Park forces who fight their way passed German Infantry all the way to the bottom of the hill, where they are holding off Advancing German forces converging up the hill towards 2091riveraisrael at the top.

The Player takes a tunnel under the fight with hundreds of German soldiers advancing over head along with 2-4 Tiger II Tanks, along with Explosions from Echo Park Artillery from at the top of the hill. After making his way through the tunnel, the Player moves up from behind the Nazi Ring around the hill, and makes his/her way west as fast as they can go. Once at a certain distance, The player must attack German patrols in the area before his/her position is revealed.

After taking out multiple German forces the Player makes his/her way towards Hail Bridge, where he/she takes on Germans from multiple sides on the bridge. Hollow Hill is shown in the back ground in a smoking ruin with explosions covering it. Once the player survives Hail Bridge he/she makes their way towards the train station where he/she catches a train that is filled with several Echo Park forces escaping the hill, while holding back Attacking German forces who are pursuing the Player.

The game isn't over yet. Once on the train, the player takes control of an MG.42 Machine gun on one of the cars, and must shoot down any attacking German planes in the area. Once the air space is clear the train breaks down from a Tiger tank hidden in the shadows, bringing the evacuation into a halt.

The player must fight along side Echo Park forces while Mechanics can get the train running again. Germans will be attacking from all directions, the mission will fail if the train's durability level drops to 0%. After surviving the SS Attack, failed a giant four legged walker than appears from the Forest, and is advancing towards the train, the Player must advance on the Walker, and board it by a ladder that is located under the entry door, beneath the belly.

The player than fights his way through the Walker and sets a charge on the Ammo section, where he escapes by jumping through the Windshield and landing on the river below, where He/She than swims back to shore and runs back to the train ahead. After the destruction of the giant walker the train begins to move again, and the Level is over.

The Game ends when the player He/She managed to finally meet up with his/her children at United City, where they soon find out that Great Britain was on the way to assist the United States in defeating the Nazi War Machine, removing them from American Soil once and for all.

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