Battle of Hor Sounds
Battle of Hor Sound
Date: August 13th, 2014
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Hor Sound, Off South Florida
Disasters: Hurricane Cypher

United States Navy...

Nazi Kriegsmarine Navy...

Status: US. Victory...
  • Nazi German battleship Bismarck finally sunk...
  • Prinz Eugen makes it to North Carolina sparing it from sinking again...


The Battle of Hor Sound clearly known by the United Nations, and Nazi Germany as The Battle of the Queens. was a massive Naval engagement, at Hor Sound off the coast of Shore City, in Southeast U.S.A, near the Ocean Canyon Reef. The battle was known to be the most Legendary battle in the final years of the United Nazi War, with both the Bismarck, and Prinz Eugen blazing at one another. During a Category 5 Hurricane  known as Cypher, that was enroute to Shore City Florida from the East.

This Battle would take place 1 year prior to the United State's return to New England, in November of 2014, and the Unleashing of New Era Day on Manhattan Island, resulting into the begining of Operation Gorin, and the Second Battle of Manhattan Island.

Diverted from Florida Attack Edit

Main article: Nazi Florida Attack of 2014

Thought the attack on Shore City, was still commencing, on the afternoon of August 13th, Bismark had been drawn out of the harbor by Prinz Eugen, where a large chase would occur in the process leading south towards Hor Sound.

The Shore city invasion however kept on as planned as the SS, began to emptying out major buildings in hopes of finding Brenda Kylie a third time in Shore City.

There tactics would later lead them into there downfall, when an unknown Hurricane strikes Key West and nearly obliterates the entire Nazi Attack at about 8:12Pm on August 13th.

Battle Edit

The ChaseEdit

Bismarck Chasing Prinz Eugen

Kriegsmarine Bismarck chases USS Prinz Eugen towards Hor Sound during Hurricane Cypher On August 13th, 2014...

As the German land Invasion was separated from the Bismarck due to the arrival of the Prinz Eugen, a large chase was commenced. As the Prinz Eugen moved the Bismarck out of the harbor, a large chase was resulted in the progress.

The Bismarck responded revealing the chase, by firing several shots from her bow cannons in hopes of hitting Eugen's main ammuntion storages just as the old and new Hood's way of destruction. However neither ship, had a great sight on eachother due too the raging sea, and the mysterious chaing weaher, in which started to make the entire ocean filled with dark grey fog, which would later be followed by a large heavy down pour in the process.

It was later shown on a TV, aboard the Prinz Eugen (That was just recently installed during the ship's remodling in 2012.) That the 2 were sailing right into a incoming hurricane, that had just been formed somewhere in the south. At one point, the Prinz Eugen, attempted to divert it's course out of the hurricane's reach, but fog and the raging seas made steering the super cruiser very difficult. The Bismarck managed to send a shell into the stern of the Eugen, but the damaged was non leathel, due pour sight that both ships were experiencing. At one point the intense sea managed to hit both ships in which prevented either one from escaping the Hurricane. Just than the Prinz Eugen, continued it's coursed towards the south, hopping that the hurricane wont move towards there course. The Bismarck's speed began to intensify allowing the Nazi Battleship too catch up with the Prinz Eugen. While being close behind, the Bismarck used the Prinz Eugen's stern lighting too it's advantage and began to fire multiple rounds at her.

Though the ship was seen, at a short distance away, the sea prevented a clear shot, in which would allow the shells to splash against the water instead of the Prinz Eugen itself. Realizing that the Bismarck was now closing in on the Eugen, the sailors switched off all lighting towards the Eugen, in which allowed the Germans too lose sight of her within the clouds of the intense fog.

The Bismarck however had it's own plans, and began to use search light's that were powerful enough too even cut through fog. The U.S. sailors knew that the Bismarck would cause this type of antics, and automatically began to speed up the Eugen, upt to about 61 knots, in hopping to stay ahead. Luckily the ship managed to get farthere away allowing it to be covered by fog too thick that a search light can no longer shine from. As the Prinz Eugen continued on, the crew had no idea that they were approaching a reef that was up ahead.

Due to the pour visability, the Eugen struck a reef in which prevented the ship from going any farther. At one point the sailers thought that they were now trapped, but the raging sea managed to lift the heavy cruiser off the reef and allow them a chance to move around. While sailers raced down into the lower decks to prevent flooding, the Prinz Eugen, attempted too make it's way around the reef only to be blocked by the Bismarck, that had just arrived as well. The Prinz Eugen was now trapped with now where else to go, and had too make there stand right in this U shapped reef even if it meant ending up like the New Hood 3 years ago.

Eugen's Last StandEdit

Battle Near Sea Canyon ReefEdit

Bismarck vs. Prinz Eugen

New Hood shown in the Far Left in the fog, while Battling the Bismarck through the Intense Hurricane...

The Bismarck opened fire first, by sending a shell splashing right against the Reef towards the Prinz Eugen's left in which would later cause the battle to start between the 2 WWII queens of the ocean. The storm began to take a turn for the worst and the ocean now became more lethal too both ships, even more lethal than a shell from another ship. The Bismarck managed to send a shell towards the Prinz Eugen's mid section, but the winds instead diverted the shell from the sea level instead to the deck level.

The Prinz Eugen responded by sending a shell against the Bismarck's bow Turret exploding it in the process.

As the wind speed continued to intensify, Prinz Eugen drew closer to Bismarck in line abreast, their enemy blinded by the smoke on the lower turret, as well as the heavy downpour, and fog steered the Bismarck out of range of the Prinz Eugen, and responded by 2 shots from the stern turrets. The shells Pierced both the radio tower, and radar station, sending a large damage rate onto the heavy cruiser. The Bismarck than fired a third, time and hit the Prinz Eugen's center stern. The Bismarck attempted to shoot a fourth shell, but a large tidal wave struck the ship and diverted the shot into the horizon instead, allowing the Prinz Eugen to fire with it's bow and stern turrets, firing a grand total of about 4 shells at once against the Bismack's upper decks destroying the crews quarters, the radio tower, an anti Aircraft turret, and a large hole in the upper deck. Lighting soared the skies and hit the Prinz Eugen's attenna, in which cause the systems of the other radio systems to go down, leaving the Prinz Eugen now unable to call for help.

The Bismarck allowed the lightning to create a big diversion in which forced many of the American sailors to direct there attention towards the radios in trying too get them up and running again. With one shell the Prinz Eugen's Engine room was shot and serverly damaged, with about 3 engines out, and only 1 lit. the destruction of the 3 engines aboard the Prinz Eugen left her immobilized, and now opened to the Bismarck for sinking.

Sinking of the BismarckEdit

As the Prinz Eugen was now on the verge of sinking, the Bismarck fired 2 more shells against he Heavy cruiser, and was now slowly moving towards her at a speed of about 12 Knots. The storm however was now starting to clear, a little at a time, with the first change of wind speed dying down, and the heavy fog slowly lifting away as well in the process.

The raging ocean began too calm a bit, in which allowed both ships too finally become stable again. The Germans now sensing there victory, managed to strike the Prinz Eugen's stern section by ramming the Bismarck right into it, and allowing Nazi sailors to board her. The battle now turning from naval too land,quickly averted all sailors of the Prinz Eugen to take up arms in defending there ship against the Nazi boarders. The Bismarck than went in reverse and dropped anchor from about 4 feet away, and just remained on stand by as the her sailors invaded the Eugen.

The Nazi sailors managed to occupy the ruins of the radio room as well as the officers quarters, but the Germans were eventually driven back towards the stern.

The Bismarck now knowing that it was pointless for resistance began to aim It's upper bow turret towards the Eugen's fuel spot in the center of the ship, but the Eugen responded first by firing the last of it's shells from the Stern section, allowing the shot too pierce the final turret on the Bismarck's bow section causing an intense explosion that would spread all the way too the bridge, obliterating the entire room.

Finally the one engine was brought back up into the a lit position, and the Prinz Eugen was able to slowly move away from the front of the Bismarck and towards her side, where she used the last of her bow ammunition in which finally ripped the heart of the Bismarck sending her sinking towards the bottom of the Caribbean.

Aftermath Edit

The battle of Hor Sound went down in the history, of legends, due to the fact of a large engagement being done in the history of warfare, during a large severe hurricane right in the middle of no where.

The Sinking of the Bismarck would later bring about an end too Nazi Germany's involvement outside of there country, and the future obliteration of the Nazi race as well. The Prinz Eugen after the battle was known to be the avenger of the New Hood, and the mighty queen of the ocean after her victory on August 13th, 2014.

Her victory would not only bring about an end to the Nazi Navy, but also the end of the Nazi attack on shore city, in which was already annihilated due to the intense hurricane, that was going on while the battle was taking place to begin with.

In Sinking ConditionEdit

Though the Prinz Eugen triumphed over the Bismarck, her condition was at the point of total sinking, in which forced her surviving sailors to halt there celebrations until she could be brought to a repair yard.

Despite three best attempts in containg the flooded sections of the heavy cruiser, the Eugen's engine exploded making the ship now completely dead on arrival, off the coast of South Carolina's shipping lanes.

The floods began to spread out of control, finally even allowing the intense pressure to break through the water tight doors and spread through the ship. Realizing that Eugen's time had come the sailors were about to abandon ship, until large helicopters showed up from the mainland followed by giant platforms ships as well.

The Eugen was than taken out of the water and placed onto the newly experimental USS Guidance, a newly constructed platform ship in which is large and strong enough too carry a entire aircraft carrier. The Eugen was brought too Charleston harbor where she was drained of all sea water and repaired.

Eugen's return to New EnglandEdit

After being repaired, the crew spent all of 2014 and 2015 in Charleston celebrating there victory over the Bismarck in a Category 5 hurricane, but the sailors questioned on how they were able to survive such a strong storm. Many of the sailors believed that the storm was a sign from god, stating that he wanted them to live and the Germans to die, many others thought that the Prinz Eugen was just a lucky ship to survive such weather from the start.

On December 28th of 2016, the Prinz Eugen was launched back into the harbor and was docked waiting for the crew to come aboard her so that they can continue there trip back to New England. The crew and the Eugen arrived back in New England on August 29th, where the Eugen would be decommissioned, and transformed into a museum ship.

Her new home port became New York City, and she now shares a dock with the World War II Aircraft carrier USS Intrepid

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