Battle of London
Battle of London
Date: October 30th, 2013 - November 2nd, 2013
Conflict: United Nazi War


Arrived Late

Region: LondonUnited Kingdom

New Soviet/U.A.B.F. Victory...

  • Ratte Super tank Destroyed...
  • Nazi German Invasion of England Repulsed...
  • Prinz Eugen, and U-505 Reunite...
  • Nazi Germany Abandons Invasion of England...
  • Project Barbrossa Grinned To a Halt and Abandoned...
Operation: Mir 57


The Battle of London also known as The Invasion of London was a full scale Invasion of the United Kingdom conducted by Nazi Germany with the aide of the Super Tank Ratte.

The Battle of London would be the first time In British History, that Nazi Forces would set foot in their capital. The Nazi's along with the aide of the Ratte Super tank had the upper hand in occupying one half of London, but were repulsed at the Thames River, where American Museum Ship U-505 Surfaced and disrupted multiple Nazi forces on the Surface.

Although the Ratte arrived on the Thames, the Tank was destroyed by The USS Prinz Eugen in which arrived Later.

The Destruction of the Ratte Super Tank immiedatly forced all Nazi forces to abandon London and withdraw back towards the sea.

The Battle of London would be the Final engagement in the United Kingdom throughout the entire United Nazi War.

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