Invasion Of Nira Island...
Defense of Nira Island
Date: May, 7th, 2013 - July 22nd, 2013
Conflict: United Nazi War

Primary Forces

Secondary Forces

  • Japan (Arrived Late from Michigan)
Region: Nira Island, Lake Ontario, New York Side
Status: U.N. Victory...
  • German Ontario offensives ends in Disaster...
  • U.N. Reinforcements arrive in the U.S...
  • Lake Ontario under allied control...
  • Ontario Theater ends...
  • Nazi Germany abandons future Operations on Lake Ontario...


The Battle of Nira Island specifically known as The Invasion of Nira, was a major Nazi Amphibious Offensive, on the Small Island of Nira on the New York side of Lake Ontario during the the United Nazi War in 2013. The Invasion was conducted into a 2 month siege in an attempt to occupied the United States Naval ship yard "The Sea Legend".

The battle marked the second major land engagement on the Islands of lake Ontario, The first being at Aegis Sound on the Island of Tinarian during the fall of Jada in 2012. and the last major engagment between U.N and Nazi forces on Lake Ontario.

The Battle of Nira Island brought about the end of The Ontario Theater on June 22nd 2013.



Sea BombardmentEdit

The Ground InvasionEdit

West Wing of The IslandEdit

Fall of Sea Legend HarborEdit

Battle of the Center IslandEdit

Fort RossEdit

Main article: Defense of Fort Ross

Mithril CityEdit

Main article: Holding Mithril City

Battle of the North Western WingEdit

Main article: Landing on West Wing

Fall of Ridge TownEdit

Stand at Fort MansonEdit

Main article: Defense of Fort Manson

Navel WarfareEdit



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