Battle of Ontario
Date: November 29th, 2011 - December 5th. 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War

Arrived Late...

  • United States
Region: Ontario, Canada
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Canadian Soil Invaded for the first time in 198 years...
  • Canada enters the United Nazi War as an Alley to the United States...
  • Canadian Military locks down Ontario and pressures the Inertia Line in Main...
  • Nazi Germany Bombs Toronto and Quebec during Christmas Time in 2011...


The Battle of Ontario also known as The Liberation of Gambler Region was a wide Continental land and aerial Engagement in Ontario Canada between Nazi Germany and the Canadian military in the early weeks of the United Nazi War in 2011.

It was known as the first and only official land Battle to take place on Canadian Soil, as Ontario was known to have been a stepping stone for the Invasion of North Michigan during Operation Kittredge of that same year.

The Battle concluded after two divisions of the United States Military arrived from Afghanistan, surprised the Nazi's In North Michigan and aided in the Liberation of Ontario, by December 3rd 2011 during the events of Operation G Valor.

The Battle of Ontario was known to have been the first major Battle of Canadian History to ever take place on its own soil since the War of 1812, marking Canada a turning point in history after an American Invasion that was conducted 198 years ago in the Nineteenth Century.


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