Battle of Route 185
Battle of Route 185
Date: September 10th, 2012 - September 11th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Highway 185, Maryland
Status: German Victory...
  • Nazi Germany Occupies Route 185...
  • Northern Germans Join up with Eastern and Western Forces already in the City...
  • Washington D.C Surrounded...
  • Much of the Highway destroyed or Badly Damaged...
  • Germans use Highway to transport Reserves and Supplies to the Northern Forces in Washington...
  • Remaining US forces in Northern Maryland retreat to Washington DC...
  • American Prisoners sent to New England...
Operation: D.C Purge


The Battle of Route 185 was a major engagement in the United Nazi War during the German Blitz toward Washington D.C Fought on September 10th, 2012, following the fall of Antietam, during the events of Operation D.C Purge. the Battle was meant as a final line of Defense against Nazi Germany in the North, while the capital itself was already under fire from both the German Western and Eastern Armies.

The Northern section of Maryland's road to Washington DC was the only area unoccupied by Nazi Germany. The remains of the United States Inland Army had pulled the rest of its soldiers that were not fighting in the city of Washington DC, to Route 185, where they established a Military check point on the High way, awaiting the Germans coming from the North.

The Battle began immiedieatly once a small German force consisting of 20 Men, 2 Halftracks a Singer Panzer III, and a convoy of Transport Trucks were making their way down the Highway after capturing the city of Unlightus, just 20 miles North of their current position, this group was Intercepted at Typhoon Ave, just right outside Route 185, triggering the attention of the Main Force that was following close behind.

The Highway became an open Battlefield both on the freeway, and Surroundings, by September 10th 2012, where Germans had managed to charge multiple times against a full scale Barrage of shells tossed by Abram Tanks, that was alined in a Horizontal Formation blocking the Highway ahead.

Though the Germans were repelled at first, a Crushing counter attack consisting of Panthers, Tigers, Panzer IV's and Panzer III's would turn the Battle towards Nazi Germany, conducting a Tank charge towards the Abram Lines. The Germans despite losing several tanks in the charge were able to break through the Freeway Lines and strike the US from both the Eastern and Western sections of the Highway's surroundings eventually overrunning the remaining defenses, and forcing the now battered battalions of the US to retreat and fall back towards Washington DC.

The Conclusion of the Battle allowed the Northern German Advance force to Link up with the Eastern and Western advance forces and assist them in the Invasion of Washington DC, by September 11th.


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