Battle of Russland
Battle of Russland
Date: August 18th, 2012 - September 30th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War

Arrived Late

Region: Russland, Russia
Status: Russian Victory...
  • Nazi Germany second attempt too Invade Russia Crushed
  • Poland retaken...
  • Nazi Germany Occupy Ranov...
  • Russian Military remain out of the War...
  • New Soviet Union recover and reclaim Ranov...
Operation: Gauntlet


The Invasion of Russland was a strategic event in the United Nazi War that lasted 2 months beginning in August 18th, of 2012, and ending on September 30th of the same year. This bold attempt on August 18th would eventually become known as either the Russian Theater or Eastern Front of the entire war, and would also Mark Nazi Germany's return to the Russian homeland.

Despite the collapse of the Soviet Union in the year 1991, Nazi Germany had believed that attacking Russia, would show as a great strategic point in eliminating the New Soviet Union, a group that was just founded in April and was also known to have been responsible for attacking German forces in Occupied New England at Lore Fields, New Jersey on April 26th.

The German offensive, despite gaining a small advantage in the Russland area would never meet the same amount of Conquered land that they once held during World War II, mostly due to Russia's new and improved military, along with the use of Hind Gunships.

In the first stages of the Theater, the Russian Federation had no part in the defense of Russland as it was mostly confided by the New Soviet Union, but the events following the capture of the German Master invasion plans of the Russian Invasion in Hiyarm, would cause the downfall of the Operation.

At that same time the plans arrived in Russia on September 24th of 2012, allowing the New Soviet military to mobilize what resources they had left, that the Russian Goverment was not allowing them to acquire and retake their Capital city on September 27th, of 2012, where not long after the Russian Federation military arrived into the region unexpectedly and beat back, a German Invasion that occurred at Turmocov, outside of Russland at the time during Ranov's Liberation, where the remaining Germans in and outside of Russland forcing them to abandon Russia and return to Germany on September 30th.

Following this 2 month event, Nazi Germany had never again attempted to Invade Russia, throughout the remainder of the War, and had mostly concentrated their forces on Western Europe, New England, and Afghanistan, Russia remained neutral even after the Attack, and the Liberation of Poland, but the New Soviet Union would continue to battle Nazi Germany until the end of the war in 2017.

Prior Edit

Attack on Lor FieldsEdit

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Nazi War PressEdit

Nazi Invasion Edit

On August 18th, 2012, Nazi Germany had once again launched an Invasion of Russia, surprising hundreds of Farmers of Nazi Germany's continuous existence, but no longer surprising The New Soviet Union Party. From the morning of August 18th, to the afternoon, the Germans gained the upper hand at first overwhelming the entire Smolensk region, crushing much of the New Soviet defenses.

Though Nazi Germany was Invading Castro, refused for any Russian military intervention against the Invasion, believing that the weather would defeat the Nazi's once again like it did back in the Second World War.

However Castro's thoughts quickly backfired as the Nazi's entered Russland, occupying almost 78% of the land finally forcing the Russian military to back stab Castro and aide the New Soviet Defenders against the Nazi's at Russland.

Battle of SmolenskEdit

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Ruins of Smolensk

Germans under fire from New Soviet Forces, during the Battle of Smolensk, in August of 2012...

Before the Invasion of Russland, Nazi Germany had first focused all military power on the Smolensk region, as they did back in the Second World War A victory at Smolensk would once again allow them to occupy a Staging area in order to allow the rest of the Nazi Military coming out of Poland to join the Invasion so that way the Germans could crush the New Soviet Party and find their capital.

Invasion of Russia 2012

War map of Russia, revealing how much of Russia that Nazi Germany was able to conquer by August 31st of 2012...

Due to Russian President Castro's carelessness of refusing to allow the Russian military to intervene against the Nazi Attack, the Germans managed to overwhelm most of the New Soviet defenses and force the Russians out of Smolensk, and into Russland where they soon not moments before managed to occupy the entire city.

However before the Nazi's Invaded and occupied Smolensk, the New Soviet Party managed to launch a large evacuation of the city in order for the citizens who were not present in the years of the Second World War, to re live the same fate they did when the city was occupied in 1941.

Despite Smolensk's occupation, Castro, still refused to let the Russian military interve stating that this war was the New Soviet Union's problem, for their betrayal on entering the war 6 months ago and bringing The enemy right to their own motherland.

After the fall of Smolensk, Nazi Germany's main force arrived from Poland despite multiple ambushes from the Polish military and armed citizens, and entered Russland where they split their forces apart in search of the New Soviet Capital of Ranov.

Battle for RusslandEdit

By late August to early September, the Germans began to advance deeper into the Russland region, but first commentated on playing a defensive role against New Soviet counter attacks, before advancing any farther.

Drom September 2nd, to September 7th, of 2012, the Germans sent out several attacks against Russian towns in the Russland area in order to gain info on the capital of the New Soviet Union, in these several attacks most of the Germans were often able to successfully occupy the towns that had no New Soviet forces guarding them, but the city of was proven to be impregnable by September 8th due to 21st century technology, despite this failure, the Germans were able to locate the New Soviet Capital of Ranov, and sent out a strike division in order to Invade and occupy the city.

Ranov before the arrival of German soldiers, had perviously been bombed by the Luftwaffe in hopes of drowning out the New soviet forces and catching them on the streets, this proved to be unsuccessful, as the city had been emptied by the time the German Invasion force had arrived in the area, where they only were dealt with minor resistance from the city ruins.

Ranov fell within 4 hours, and the New Soviet Union was quickly called into reclaim the capital, but strong German resistance and defenses along with the further forced removal of 21st century equipment from Russian Federation president Mikhail Castro, the New Soviets were forced to break off their attack and retreat, temporarily halting their counter attack plans against Ranov.

Post RanovEdit

In the aftermath following the fall of Ranov, from September 10th, to September 14th, the Germans were constnatly harassed in every plot of land that they occupied by either armed Russian resistance, or Hind Gunships, which proved to be impregnable to German anti Air guns. Despite these turns against the German Invasion, the Nazi's were still able to make swift process deeper into Russland, where it was declared by the commissioner of the state Holan Vistok, that the New Soviet Union would form a protective barrier on the borders of Russland, in order to prevent the Germans from advancing any farther into the Russian Federation.

The Germans despite the Quarantine force, were still able to succesfully repel several New Soviet counter attacks, that were sent by Vistok in order to try and repel the Germans from the main borderline, despite these antics the commissioner instead gave order for all New Soviet heavy armored and infantry battalions to take up refugee about 5 miles west of the Quarantine zone, where they would act as a guard in order to try and prevent the Germans from reaching the borderline defenses.

Unfortunately these defenses were later discovered by German recon planes, and were quickly overrun by the night of September 20th, 2012.

The Germans then proceeded farther east, but their advance would be finally stopped by the time they had reached the borderline defenses. However this would not conclude the Battle of Russland,as the Germans had proceeded to counter attack the Quarantine line with devastating attacks even with the use of Panzer Walkers, despite these attacks that were known to come against the line stronger and stronger, the Germans were unable to penetrate or break through the Quarinteine defenses.

Continuous InvasionEdit

Attack on DimitriEdit

Rege TheaterEdit

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New Soviet Counter AttackEdit

20170803113821 1

New Soviet forces assault the Tamocov facility located in Kerchek, on September 28th, 2012...

Aftermath Edit

Nazi WithdrawEdit

Liberation of PolandEdit

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