Last Stand at the Grand Mall
Battle of the Grand Mall
Date: September 15th, 2012 - September 16th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Washington D.C, Maryland
Status: U.S Victory...
  • Relations between Canada, U.S.A and England Streangthen...
  • Nazi Germany retreats back to New Harlem...
  • Nazi Germany Switches Strategies, to Defense...
  • Washington D.C In Ruins...
Operation: D.C Purge


The Stand at The Washington Monument, also known as the Battle of the Grand Mall, as well as the Last stand at the National Mall, would be the National Guard's final line of defense between Nazi Germany, The White house, and other United States Political Parliment Buildings to the South, in the final day of Operation D.C Purge.

Though heavily out numbered by the SS, Canadian along with British Miltiary officials arriving from the East coast turns the Tide of the Battle in the U.S Favor saving the day for the United States, Independence.

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Canadian and English Reinforcments arriveEdit

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