Battle of Turmocov
Battle of Turomcov
Date: September 26th, 2012 - September 28th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
  • New Soviet Union
  • Nazi Germany

Arrive Late

  • Russian Federation
Region: Turmocov, Russia
Status: Russian Victory...
  • Germans Abandon Invasion outside of Russland...
  • New Soviet Union loses their roles in the defense of Russland...
  • New Soviet Union liberates Ranov...
  • Russian Federation takes credit for the Plans that were stolen from New England...


The Battle of Turmocov was a major event in the United Nazi War that occurred during the Invasion of Russia on September 26th 2012, between New Soviet forces and Nazi Germany for strategic control of the Russian city of Turmocov along with the engagement also being a massive Invasion conducted by Nazi Germany which would be coordinated outside of Russland.

Though the New Soviet Union had managed to hold the German advance for 2 days, the New Soviet Union were eventually backed by the Russian Federation which took over the New Soviets rule by driving the Germans out from Turmocov by September 28th 2012, after receiving the plans from New England and taking all the credit much to the dishonor of the New Soviet Union.

Turmocov would be the second farthest invasion attempt that Nazi Germany would advance in Russia, with the first being Rege during that same offensive.

The Turmocov defeat along would also mark the end of Nazi Germany's pressence in Russia as the entire county of Russland was freed 2 days after on September 30th.


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