Black Crow Drop Ship
Black Crow mark 1
Designed: April 7th, 2012
Tested: April 7th, 2012
Manufacturer: Heckler's Armaments
Faction of Origin: Nazi Germany
Project: Barbrossa
Years Active: 2012-2017
No's Constructed: 1,779
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Black Crow Dropship Was a Sky transport, able to carry 14-16 Germans Infantry units. The Black Crow, was known to Humanity to be the worlds first Drop ship In Military history.

History Edit

The Black Crow Project was designed immediately after the success of the Night Walkers, developed in January of 2012. This immediate project was known to be Project Brabrossa, a Project that Hitler named after his failed attempts in The Soviet Union in 1941. Nazi Scientist came up with an Idea for a drop ship after learning of the video games from the Halo Series, and the Turning Point fall of Liberty Game. Production for these drop ships began In Berlin On April 4th, 2012, with many in all plans on how to create these new flying transports. Hitler stated that It would be best if the vehicles would be well armored, like the Assault blimps from Turning Point Fall of Liberty, and well armed and fast, as those of the Pelican and Phantom Drops ships from the Halo Series.

Battle Of Mid Town

Nazi Germany tests their Drop ship, The Black Crow, Also known to be the first major Dropship developed in Military history...

The First Drop Ship was created On April 7th, In Occupied New England From Horace Industries, which was later renamed to Heckler's Armaments after the Nazi's Occupation In 2011. Hitler later learned of the first major drop ship being created and Arrived in New England, to watch the test to see if the project would work. Hitler was brought to The Ruins of the Chrysler Building In the Center of Manhattan on 43rd, Street and was there to witness the testing of Mans first official Drop Ship.

The Test began, and the Drop ship lifted off the street right on Scheduled, it maneuvered all around 43rd, than Machine gunners on the sides began to practice firing their Machine Guns, at dummies located in the ruins of 43rd. These dummies were placed by the SS In order to test out the ships capability in a fire fight. Hitler looked very impressed, as he than saw the Drop Ship land and return back to ground level.

The testing of the first Drop Ship ever created by man was completed, and Hitler gave them the green light, naming the Project, Black Crow, and ordered all Of the Third Reich into creating a mass production starting first from Heckler's Armaments to Berlin Factories. This would entirely change the future of Military history and Warfare around the globe.

Designs Edit

Mark 1'sEdit

Black Crow Mark 1's were the first known Drops Ships too be constructed and tested in Dead New York In 2012. There design was based entirely off the SS Blimps of the game Turning Point Fall of Liberty, only with different details.

Mark 2'sEdit

Black Crow Dropship Mark 2

Black Crow Mark 2's were constructed from the fall of 2012 too the end, of the United Nazi War in 2012...

Trivia Edit

  • It was discovered That Nazi Germany was Inspired by today's SciFi Movie, And Video Games, and that the Black Crow was actually taken from an Idea from both The Halo Series, and Turning Point Fall of Liberty Game, developed By Spark In 2008...
  • It was later discovered by the end of the United Nazi War, that the SS were also inspired by Halo's Covenant Phantom Drop Ships after discovering the game in Occupied New England in late 2011 before Operation G. Valor...

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