Bronx Resistance
Established: 2011
Fragmentation: 2012
Strength: 700,000
Era: United Nazi War
Capital: The Bronx
Motto: We are Here to Liberate You From Fascist Tyranny...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Bronx Resistance, also known as Legends of The Bronx were known as a heavily armed group of American Civilians from The Bronx, who were specifically fighting for the purpose of breaking the Nazi Occupation of The Bronx, in hopes that the United States Military would arrive in order to liberate their city from German Invasion.

The Resistance was active during the United Nazi War's early years about 17 days after the Germans had Conquered New England on November 11th 2011, and The Blitz came to an end.

Despite such well armed civillians the Resitance only lasted from November 26th, 2011 to mid 2012, as they were eventually found by German Forces in April of 2012, and were Exterminated in the Subways. Though the Bronx Resistance collapsed in 2012, multiple other Resitance fighters throughout the rest of German Occupied New England continued to take up arms against the Nazi's in honor of the fallen Bronx Resistance.

Unlike other the United Alliance of Brenda Fans, The Bronx Resistance, was the first major American Resistance Cell in history to battle the Nazi Occupation, which also at the same time led to the Dead members of the Cell as Legends and Heros of The Bronx, during and after the Nazi Occupation of The Bronx.