Mir Rebellion
Date: November 14th, 2011 - April 2nd, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: The Bronx, Occupied New York
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Bronx Resistance Crushed and remembered...
  • Germans lock down The Bronx...
  • Operation Karl Kon Initiated...
  • Multiple Uprisings occur around New England...


The Bronx Uprising also known and commonly referred too as The Mir Rebellion was a failed 5 month Uprising that erupted about 4 days after Nazi Germany had conquered The Bronx on November 10th during the second day of The Blitz.

The Uprising was started on November 14th by a large heavily armed Resistance Group of American civilians in the heart of The Bronx, in tactics of military skills in battling against the German Occupation, in hopes of fighting and delaying the Germans long enough for the United States Military too arrive and push out the Fascist Reich Invasion.

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