Buddha Sounds is a Chill Out band created by the Argentine producer Alex Seoan in 2002. Buddha Sounds' line up consists of Alex Seoan (guitar, keyboards, samplers and voice); Maia Krasnaia (voice and violin); J. Fernández (drums); Anubis Rha (bass), Kantik (dancer and vocals), Shankari (dancer and vocals) and Yana (vocals) Up until now, the band has five studio albums released by the Label Music Brokers in Argentina, and by Warner Music in Spain. All of them are available all over the world.

Some of Buddha Sounds tracks made appearance in the big screen. In 2010, the song 'Odna', from Buddha Sounds fourth album 'Inner', was included in the movie 'Sex and the city 2', the last film based on the HBO TV show. The same year, 'Xanadu', from 'Buddha Sounds II', appeared in the American/Iraeli co-production 'After the Cup: Sons of Sakhnin United'.

Buddha Sounds has performed in Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and Argentina.

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