CSS Pioneer
CSS Pioneer
Constructed: February 15th, 1862
Launched: July 12th, 1863
Sunk: February 19th, 1870
Faction: C.S.A.
  • Lost after Storm of February 19th, 1870...


Pioneer was the first of three submarines privately developed and paid for by Horace Lawson Hunley, James McClintock and Baxter Watson. The Submarine in reality of the American Civil War was never once used during the war, and was sold for scrap, during Confederate Conquest the Pioneer was liberated after New Orlands during the American Civl War. was recaptured and commissioned for the Confederate Navy as the CSS Pioneer.

History Edit

Abandon after New Orland's FallEdit

Hunley, McClintock and Watson built Pioneer in New Orleans, Louisiana. Pioneer was tested in February 1862 in the Mississippi River, and was later towed to Lake Pontchartrain for additional trials, but the Union advance towards New Orleans the following month prompted the men to abandon development and scuttle Pioneer in the New Basin Canal. The team followed with the American Diver, built after relocating to Mobile, Alabama.

The scuttled "Pioneer" was raised and examined by Union troops. The New Orleans Times-Picayune of 15 February 1868 reported Pioneer had been sold for scrap.

The Bayou St. John Confederate Submarine, now in the collection of the Louisiana State Museum, was for decades misidentified as Pioneer. The Bayou submarine and Pioneer may have undergone trials at about the same time and confusion between the two may date back to contemporary accounts; it is not clear which of the two was constructed first.

A life size model of the Pioneer can be viewed and explored at the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum, in Madisonville, Louisiana.

Liberation of New Orlands & Return to ServiceEdit

Main article: The Liberation of New Orlands

CSS PioneerEdit

The Crew Edit

The Northern TheaterEdit

Disappearance & SinkingEdit


Trivia Edit

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