Robert Hargro
Col. Robert Hargro
Born: February 22nd, 1891
Died: October 21st, 2019 (Age: 128)
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
  • Commander of the OSS
Known For: The Office of Strategic Services
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Robert Hargro is of Irish-American descent, and was one of the first members and commandants of the Office of Strategic Services. In History he is also known as the longest living veteran of the Second World War, as he was born in 1891, and still lived on even up to the United Nazi War, in the 21st Century.


Early YearsEdit

Though of Irish decent, Robert Hargro, was born in the United States on February 2nd, 1891 where he spent most of his early years as a child, helping his parents run a farm 20 miles north of Aerial City, in Main.

He graduated from the University of Dublin, in 1911, and has since than joined the Military. Although in the military, Hargro, never saw action during World War I, and was currently based in Frax Ireland. It wouldn't be until World War II, when Hargro would see action for the first time.

Career In World War IIEdit

When World War II Broke out in 1939, Hargro, was sworn in as the main commander of the newly Established Office of Strategic services in 1942. As the main commander of the OSS he often briefed OSS Agents before their mission begins, whether it was going behind enemy lines to steal intel, preform some sabotage in order to ease Allied attacks, or being sent into frontline combat to assist Allied forces in a rut.

When World War II Ended with both the fall of Berlin, and dropping of the Atomic Bombgs on both Hiroshima and Naskia, in 1945, Hargro, retired from the military on October 1946, but mentions multiple times that he will not hesitate to join the military a second time if needed.

Aging ProcessEdit

As the years progressed during the Cold War, Robert Hargro, despite his elderly age, was fit, and well balanced with no Health or life threatening conditions, as a matter of fact people often would refer to Hargro as Immortal due to his slow aging appearance on his face.

In 1979, at Age 88, Hargro during a Doctors check up was received praise, by elders all over the hospital who wish to have the same condition as he dose, it was later revealed in that same Hospital and year, that Robert Hargro was diagnose with Aging Disorder since birth, which eventually solved the main mystery on how Hargro was slowly aging and was no longer dead yet.

During RetirementEdit

In 1991, Robert Hargro, at age 100, attempted to rejoin the Military, but his services were declined due to him being over age, despite the fact of his actual biological appearance being that of a 50 year old.

Hargro, after being declined from the Military than attempted to join the CIA, the former OSS, that he once commanded in the 1940's during the Second World War, but his offer was once again turned down due to age.

After being turned down several times, Hargro, decided to amend to his retirement, and since than returned to his families farm in Northern, Main where he would remain for the next 20 years. However a shocking event occured in November of 2011, when Nazi Bombers attacked his ranch and literally almost killed him and his family. Hargro, and his wife Madison, along with their 2 children, Hargro Jr, and Natalie, were able to escape the raid and take shelter in the basement, but the sight of Ju-87 Dive Bombers, and He-111 Heavy Bombers would forever bring shock to Robert.

The Hargro Family would spend the next 19 weeks, inside the Basement, but during that particular time, New England had fallen in just 3 days, to Nazi Germany. This would spread shock to Hargro even more.

Return of the OSS And UNW WarEdit

Robert despite multiple Protests from his wife Madison, decided to move his family towards Washington DC, and escape New England. Their getaway was sited by multiple German patrols, who at no clear sight still recognized Hargro. Many attempts to kill Hargro and his family were mostly thwarted by Robert hiding his family in the forest as well as in the rivers and caves that plague New England.

By February 1st, 2012, Hargro and his family finally made it to Washington DC, where the Department of Defense, quickly took custody of Robert's wife and children and placed them in a safe zone in Norfolk Virginia, this event was mostly conducted so that Robert would be left inside the State Capital alone without his family caught in the war.

Much to Robert Hargro's surprise, Secretary of Defense Jack Hardy, presented Hargro, to be the Main Commander of the Office of Strategic Services, which mush to his shock was reestablished, along with a large quality of about 14,000 Agents and personal awaiting his commands. Hargro, automatically agreed to the services and spent the next 7 months, sending agents deep behind German Lines in New England, as well as Germany, in order to obtain info on Nazi Germany's plans on New England and the rest of Europe. He also sent multiple agents on the front, in a bold attempt to aide the Inland Army's chance of reclaiming New England, but most of these attempts, even with the support of the OSS, often ended in failure.

Operation DC PurgeEdit

On August 27th, a shocking discovery of a Nazi Invasion of Washington DC, quickly reached Hargro, and he immediately took action when he sent a single man, to the city of New Nijmegen, in a bold and desperate attempt to destroy the New Nijmegen bridge and prevent the Nazi Army from advancing on the city and into Delaware.

Although the agent forfilled his task and detonated a bomb on the bridge, the structure didn't fall, much to the OSS surprise, and the Germans over came this problem, by crossing it and conquering New Nijmegen.

The agent however managed to rescue pinned down Inland forces while at the same time sabotaging German vehicles in a bold attempt to slow down the Germans, but was shot down in the country side of Delaware as the entire State fell within a couple of days.

By September 2012, Robert Hargro, sent agents all over Maryland, in a strong attempt to help guid the Inland army into blocking multiple intersections leading to Washington, but these events failed as the Inland defenses were flanked at Antietam Creek, and another region during Operation Nirman.

Hargro sent OSS Agent behind Nazi Lines as the war entered the city on September 10th, in order to try and destroy German Rail gun Emplacements which was shelling the city.

His agent was able to accomplish this task, but a much bigger threat was now coming from the East passed the City of Roland Square located on the Atlantic Coastline, where a single Gemran Schwerer Gustav class Rail Way Cannon was en route from the East in an attempt to pound the city to from the Atlantic side, and in a strong desperate attempt Col Hargro sent to Roland Square, where he met with heavy German resistance, but managed to for fill his task by destroying the bridge and sending the Schwere Gustav plunging down in the ravine below, however his agent was soon overrun by Germans, and was severely wounded, his OSS Agent was saved when England and Canada, arrived unexpected from the sea, and assaulted Roland Square rescuing him in the process.

At the conclusion of Roland Square, Col Hargro was releived, that one of the OSS's most talented and well balanced agents did not perish to the Germans.

By September 17th, Washington DC was cleared and the Germans were now in full retreat back to New Nijmegen. Col Hargro was given the Medal of Washington, due to his valiant and bold efforts on trying to retake the Capital, despite the Germans occupying 87% of the city before England and Canada's arrival a day after in September 17th.

Sending OSS Agents Outside AmericaEdit

Assault on JoveryEdit


Trivia Edit

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