Commora Campaign
Commora Campaign
Date: October 20th, 2012 - November 17th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Commora County, Upstate New York
Status: German Victory...
  • Nazi Germany seals the Ontario Lines...
  • American attack repulsed...
  • American morality boosted a slight bit...
  • Nazi Germany Retaliates and bombs Maia, Canada...


The Commora Campaign also known as The Landing of Commora or The Battle of Commora was a failed landing Invasion conducted by the United States Inland Army against Nazi Occupied New England, from Lake Ontario fought from October 20th, to November 17th, 2012 in a bold attempt in order to liberate the city of Commora and establish a beach head in New England.

Though the Inland army was able to succefully retake some lost ground, a German counter attack at the Town of Northmile, would force the Inland army into retreat back across Lake Ontario and into Canada once more.

Despite this defeat, the United States Inland army was able to successfully pierce farther through the Ontario Line than any other Legion in Canada, or thoughs attempting to break through the Inertia line in the West.

This one engagement boosted morale for the Inland forces in Canada, including those against in the South and West, revealing that the German Lines contain gaps in certain spots, however the Germans retaliated against this one event and launched an Aerial Invasion on the Canadian city of Maia, while at the same time reinforcing the Ontario lines, it wasn't until 2015, when these lines were able to be successfully broken through, and Commora would finally be liberated.

Prior to the EventsEdit

The CampaignEdit

Landing at Comera BeachEdit

Americans push InlandEdit

Nazi RetreatEdit

Siege of NorthmileEdit

Main article: Siege of Northmile

German CounterattackEdit

One Final Attempt at CommoraEdit

Main article: Assault on Commora

American WithdrawEdit



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