Confederate Rail Guns Were specialized modern Rail Way Artillery mouted Guns on Box cars. It was also known too be the first major Generation of Rail Guns in the worlds history too wind up in war.

Designs Edit

Robert E. Lee's DemandsEdit

American Civil War Edit


The first railway gun used in the American Civil War , was a banded 32-pounder Brooke naval rifle mounted on a flat car and shielded by a sloping casemate of railroad iron. On 29 June 1862, Robert E. Lee had the gun pushed by a locomotive over the Richmond and York River line (later part of the Southern Railway) and used at the Battle of Savage's Station to interfere with General George McClellan's plans for siege operations against Richmond during the Union advance up the peninsula.

After rebooting all Union Invaders from the Confederate States of America in 1863, Large production of Rail Guns were produced, for longer ranger artillery fire, that can be used against infantry, and calavry that is several miles away. After the Confederate Victory at Antietam Creek, Rail Guns were postioned around Washington D.C, where they along with field artillery shelled the Union Capitol, into a smoking ruin.

After the guns ceased, The Capital fell under Confederate Infantry in just 10 hours. Rail Guns became the major punching power of the Confederate Military during the Northern Campaign. Many 32-pounders were used during the fall of Tranton, and the Siege of Cacusan. By 1865 the Confederacy began too produced larger guns for the Locomotives too move and position in order too blaze away at Union fortresses. On August 18th, a newly created 36-pounder was created and tested on dummies made of hey at Chattanooga. The cannon's power obliterated about 133 soldiers, about 2 times more than the 32-pounders . On August 19th, mass production for the 36-pounders begun, with money being taken from Reb Zones in the North, and brought down southbound.

By October 1st, the 36-pounders were than moved North in where they assisted Confederate Field Artillery, Calvary, and Infantry during their invasion of the Union.


As the war progressed deeper into Union soil, Confederate advances were stalled in several locations due too gurrilla warfare, strong defenses and bad weather. Jefferson Davis in 1866, began a large project from money that was deported from the Northin into the Confederate Capital. The project was known by the Confederacy as Project Con. By the early fall of 1866, Confederate invasion was starting too slowly turn back south bound, during a freezing and harsh winter conflict known as the Winter Stall.

The 32-36 Pounder Rail Guns were not enough too breach deeper into the Union homeland. On November 1st, Project Con, created new Locomotives, that were known too be even bigger than there previous models. On November 8th, the Confederacy than created stronger Rail Guns from newly recovered parts from abandoned Union Field Cannons. By November 14th, Newly constructed 40-pounders were created. These rail guns were built filled with iron platting all around, with a cannon located in the front port as well as side windows in order for Confederate defenders too defend the cannon. In the previous years, 32-36 Pounder Rail Guns were easily exposed too union infantry, due too lack of cover and defensive structures at the time the war had entered North bound.

The 40-pounder despite being in penetrable from the sides, had several gaps in which Union forces could enter and kill the gunners, there was also known roof in which made the gun room exposable from Union Artilery. Despite these set backs, the 40-pounder prooved too be more agile, than those of both the 32-and 36 pounders. The 40-pounders remained in Military use until 1868, when the Union were starting too learn on how too penetrate and destroy the Rail Guns in the process.

On May 2nd, 1868, the Confederacy created another Rail Gun, the 48-pounder, the first rail gun in which can hit it's target from a great distance of about 450 yards. The cannon was similar too those of the 40-pounder, the only difference was that iron plating now covered the entire car, except for openings in the sides that were designed for Confederat Sharp Shooters. The only entrance inside this gun was from underneath the car.

As the Confederacy made it too the Mid West, in 1868, the Union have well entrenched in the region, and was able too beat back any attack attempt coordinated by the Confederacy. The 48-pounders were originaly schedualled too taake part in the Confederate Invasion of New England, but were automatically diverted into the Mid West. Despite  these powerfull rail cannons, the Union lines continued too hold out against Confederate Attack. On November 29th 1870, Richmond, was getting sick of the Confederate defeat in the Mid West and desided that Project Con, had too construct a Rail Gun that could finally put an end too the Union lines once and for all. By April 4th, 1871, the Confederacy created the worlds first giant rail gun, the 60-pounder, capeable with side cannons and a newly constructed large frontal cannon. The 60-pounder was so heavy, that it took 2-3 trains too push it towards the front. By june 7th, 1871, the Confederacy broke through the Mid Western defenses, with the help of the forces that had just occupied New england a year earlier. The Victory was done before the Confederate 60-pounder was able too make it too the Mid West. From 1871-1872 the War entered Michigan, as the Union's final stand.

The 60-pounder was brought aoutmotaically too the front for fire support for Confederate forces. The 60-pounder would be the farthest that the Confederacy would go when it comes too advanced Railway cannons, it would also be the only Giant Railway cannon constructed in miltary history.

Major Rail Gun Years Edit

  • 1862
  • 1862
  • 1862
  • 1864
  • 1864
  • 1866
  • 1868
  • 1871

Trivia Edit

  • The American Civil War, was the first war in Military history too have Rail Guns in combat...
  • Confederate Rail Guns, were known too be the first Generation of Modern Rail Way Guns used in conflict...
  • 32-pounders were the only Railguns in Confederate Conquest too be Non fiction, for the others such as the 36, 40, 48, and 60-pounders were all fiction...

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