Fall of Frankfurt...
Fall of Frankfurt
Date: June 1st, 2005 - August 1st, 2005
Conflict: The German Civil War
Region: Frankfurt, Germany
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Frankfurt Under Nazi Occupation...
  • Democratic Germany spread out along the East...
  • Civilians rounded up for Hard Labor...
  • The Frank Family captured...
Creator:  2091riveraisrael

The Conquest of Frankfurt known to most of the German population as The fall of Frankfurt was a major strategic land engagement in the second year of The German Civil War conducted at Frankfurt Germany. Despite two months of an intense siege, The German Democratic military of Bundeswehr, were eventually overrun and forced out of Frankfurt by August 1st. 2005.

The fall of Frankfurt led to the Nazi Invasion of the Eastern half of Germany, and the Southern route towards the Mediterranean at Kornex. Margarine Frank was in Frankfurt at the time of the Siege, and was among her family attempting to leave the city, but was betrayed and caught by the Nazi's.

Field Expansion Edit

City EvacuationsEdit

Nazi Invasion Edit

Street to Street WarfareEdit

Last EvacuationEdit

Margarine's CaptureEdit

Last StandEdit

Aftermath Edit

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