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Dead Manhattan was a term referring to the ruins of Manhattan Island during the United Nazi War. The city was known to be empty and abandoned after the the Nazi Invasion leaving nothing more than destruction, and chaos on the streets, destroyed sky scrappers, crushed cars, and destroyed tanks as well, leaving 99% Of the rest of the entire city bomb to ruble by the Luftwaffe.

The newly constructed freedom towers, were destroyed. The times building had been whipped off the face of the town leaving nothing left but news papers on the ground.

Construction sites have been torn apart, and many of the sub way bridges have been destroyed. Nothing would be left to reside in the city, but Nazi Germany. New Yorkers lay dead by the thousands scattered all over the streets.


"There were people dead by the thousands, on the streets of New York, here The once beautiful shops were devastated into ruins, the old homes of the people, were smashed, one wasn't even standing at all. Outside from the spot where the New York Times site once stood, were News Paper scattered all over the dusty pavement..."

-2091riveraisrael Streets of Manhattan, November 2nd, 2012...


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  • Despite being a dead city, Nazi Germany's SS Military still populates the Island...
  • Dead Manhattan makes it;s first Appearence in the United Nazi War Video Game, in Act 4, Immiediatly after the Protagonist survives Central Park...

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