Dead Vara Grove occurred when The town came under fire by Nazi Germany, in the fall of 2011. Though most of the ground war was being done at Cincinnati city, the Luftwaffe began bombing runs outside the city regions, hitting Vara Grove in the process. The town was reduced into so much destruction, that the residents of Vara Grove had too leave.

2 days after the Bombing run, Vara Grove had become a ghost town, with no one too roam it. However the town would later be used by the United Alliance as a staging area, in which would later be reinforced by the Linkin Park Fans of War, in hopes of keeping themselves hidden until other fan militas can arrive. However the SS found the town as well after discovering fan Milita patrols in the region, and began too mass for an attack, this event would later lead the town into a site of a large and deadly skirmish.

The Skirmish left the United Alliance disbanded, and the Linkin Park Fan of War on the run. After the skirmish the ghost town was occupied by Nazi Germany, and used as field head quarters in North Michigan. Not much was known about Vara Grove after the Nazi's have been driven out of north Michigan by Operation G. Valor on December 2nd, 2011, but it is likely that the town could have been reconstructed after the United Nazi War and was repopulated.

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