Echo Park
Established: November 18th, 2006
Fragmentation: January 14th, 2020
Founder: Nolan Ross
Strength: 100
Capital: Hollow Hill
Motto: Stand united from the Art of War...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Echo Park also known as E.P was a group organized by Nolan Ross, and Mike Shinota, The group mostly consists of Teens & Adults who are a huge fans of the old 1986 Echo One group. It was known to be specialized in playing a defensive strategy like those of the Fans of Normous.

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Speeches Edit

"My People, supporters and armed units of Echo Park. On this day, as Kara Lenia's, War Machine burn away in North Michigan, as our bodies lie broken in the streets of Magis, we are once again reminded of the depths of their depravity. For Months we have suffered unbearable hardships, by Kara Leina. Banished by our enemies to become sick from disease, from famine. They scarred us. They weakened us. But that time has passed. 'For Months, we worked away on empty stomachs, In Debt, In sorrow, slowly rebuilding our strength, our pride and our Fan Milita! But that time has passed.'All these MonthsI have been humbled by the honor to lead you. Ever, EVER onwards! From this day. Till the end of days!"

-Nolan Ross November 7th, 2009

War Edit

First Non Blood War Edit

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Second Non Blood War Edit

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The war began On November 7th, 2009, when Echo Park, sought to dramatically gain thier War Efforts back, by invading Cincinnati City. Any opposition from the United Alliance-controlled regions would be crushed in a subsequent invasion of all other U.A Controlled Regions around North Michigan.

The first stage in the 2091riveraisrael's Independence plans was the invasion of the Kara Leina's controlled Cincinnati City. Initially the suffered massive casualties on In the city after An Initial surprise Invasion, Despite a very successful strike on the city, Kara Leina now 13 years of age, orders her forces to tighten their perimeters around the city, and thanks to the heroic actions of Stirling and Ruthie, The United Alliance arrived with reinforcements, the invasion was halted and the E.P were forced to fall back and regroup, At Leina Field.

Two weeks later, the E.P Attempted to Attack the U.A.B.F in Upstate New York was in November 14th. In an attempt to gain a second base of Operations if Hollow Hill should come under fire. Unfortunately, the E.P invasion of the Terrance Hills has failed due to U.A.B.F being more skilled and advanced. After E.P forces pulled out of the Upstate Area, the U.A.B.F worked sides with the Kara Legion and United Alliance in order to help bring about the end to the E.P Uprising.

United Nazi War Edit

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Operation GradossaEdit

Not much is known on the E.P's at Gorgon City in the defense of Carcus Town during Operation Gradossa, in November 26th, of 2011, reporters and witness's of the battle stated before the German Occupation of Carcus Town, that the E.P might have taken part in support, of the battle but not on the front.

Other witness including German POW's managed to claim that they managed to see at least 2 to 3 E.P troops on the battlefield but these reports were never concluded, it is possible that they could have been a false statement.

Operation KittredgeEdit

Operation Von DaleEdit

Third Nero WarEdit

Allied FactionEdit

  • Kara Legion: This Legion was The E.P's Only major ally...

Fire Arms Edit

To actual guns of the E.P the major fire arms were known too be Nazi Guns, from 1939 all the way too 1945. Many of the fan militia contains a mixture of about 900,000 Kar 98's 200,000 MP40's, 600,000 STG 44's and a some total of about 990,000 of other Nazi Weaponry.

The guns growth in purchase began on April 3rd, 2009, after 2091 gathered enough funds in order to purchase Weapons from Military Fire Arms.Net. By 10 Weeks, in 4 months He soon purchased a grand total of about 250,000

Fire arms were also bought from Online Gun stores where They were shipped from Canada, England, and even Japan.

With the vast variety of fire arms, Echo Park is mostly seen with German fire arms than anything else that they receive from Outside the states, although by 2010, a large shipment of American made RPG's, a couple of AK-47's and a large crate filled with M9 Berretta's and RPD's later arrived, despite this new shipment, Echo Park;s surprise remained to be heavily armed with German World War II era fire arms, as they were mostly used in warfare more than the new shipment of modern fire arms that had arrived in 2010.

It is unclear even after the dismemberment of Echo Park in 2019, on why the fan militia only were interested in using German world war II based fire arms.

Karabiner 98k Rifle
... Kar98k
... MP40 Submachine Gun
STG 44
... Sturmgewehr 44 Rifle
... Rhinemetal MG3
... MG.42 Machinegun
... American RPG-7
Rapid Power
... The Rapid Power shot
M9 Berretta
... M9 Berretta
... AK-47
Gewehr 43
... Kar-43
Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr
... Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr
Lewis Gun
... Lewis Machine Gun
Panzerbüchse 39
... PZB-39 Rifle
Johnson M1941 LMG
... M1941 Machine Gun
Springfield Rifle
... Springfield Rifle 1903
Maschinenkarabiner 42
... Maschinenkarabiner 42
... MP28
FG 42 Rifle
... FG 42 Rifle
... Valter Pistol
Carbine Rifle
... M1 Carbine
... RPD Machine Gun

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  • Nolan Ross is known to be the leader of the Faction...
  • Though Not Stated in the United Nazi War Parody Operation Gradossa, It is possible that the E.P was takin part in the defense of Carcus Town...
  • The E.P only have one ally...