The Attack on Davell Field
Date: November 13th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Davell FieldGermany

U.S Victory...

  • US Relations with Germany Grows...
  • Molly Sigma Killed In Action...
  • The Joint Document is signed...
  • Nazi Germany orders field expansions in New England...
  • Kate Bush black mails Nazi Germany From England...


The Engagement at Davell Field

The Prelude Edit

Bombing of ChicagoEdit

Main article: The Bombing of Chicago

The Bombing of Chicago was a major Nazi Aerial Assault during The Blitz, when large amounts of German Planes (Mostly composed of about 13 Dive Bombers, 20 Fighters, 13 Jet Fighters, and 14 Ju-88 Medium Bombers) slipped passed Michigan, and launched a large Aerial Attack on the City of Chicago. U-505, a museum ship that was present at the time of the attack managed to escape without that much damage inflected, the Luftwaffe attacks on the city were eventually driven away when the National Guard responded with Fighter Jets.

In the aftermath of the Bombing a grand total of about 69% Of the downtown area had been reduced to ruble along with another 71% Of the Chicago Docks along the coast of the entire city. The Bombing of Chicago was placed in History books in the aftermath of the United Nazi War, and was described to be Pearl Harbor all over again.

The Bombing of Chicago was the only attack on the City of Chicago conducted by Nazi Germany, during The Blitz, no other Aerial attack or Ground Invasion, was conducted against Chicago throughout the remainder of the United Nazi War.

After The BlitzEdit

Immediately following the End of the Blitz, and Fall of New England, the United States Inland Army was known by the Americans as extremely Weakened, due to having to be fooled by the Nazi's while attempting to reclaim Kar. Due to the American military being Severely weak after New England's fall, the American Inland Army were unable to launch a counter attack against Nazi Germany, this event would force the American Outer Militaries into much more harder conflicts.

The American Outer Air Force that were stationed In Germany during the Time of the German Civil War, were soon conducting endless air strikes all across Germany ever since the Nazi's reclaimed the Country in 2010, but were unable to get them to either surrender, or back down.

Though the Americans were a great ally in the defense of Germany, the Nazi's were able to cut off all communications from the outside world preventing any other country from seeing or learning what was happening around Germany since 2004 up to 2010. Media stations were also destroyed all over the country as the first targets in the beginning of the German Civil War in which prevented any News broadcasts from reaching out into the world, although Nazi Germany at the time had no idea they were bombing and destroying News Stations until the fall of 2012.

The Engagement Edit


Preparations for the Transfer began immediately after The Blitz, in hopes of forming a joint Military power with Democratic Germany in order to destroy Nazi Germany once and for all, unfortunately, for the United States, is that while preparing the strike teams in order to negotiate, the country had been completely over run by Nazi forces reforming Democratic Germany back into Nazi Germany once again. The preparations for the Negotiations were scrapped and the Americans began to fly several runs all over Nazi Germany using both B-52 Bombers and Attack Helicopters in hopes of destroying large portions of Nazi Materials in order to prevent them from growing more powerful when it comes to Military power.

Six Pilots however were chosen in order to lead the attacks, consisting of Neil 1-7, but before the events of the attacks on Nazi Germany, it was later hinted by one of the American officers that a Female Pilot in the group was pregnant.

Molly Sigma, a 24 year old Women, was deactivated from Military duty after the military discovered she was Pregnant and was ordered back to the States where she was to be transferred from Fort Hiarlock, back to Las Angeles.

However during the Attacks, It was hinted that Molly had refused to leave, and made he way into the attack by sneaking her way. This mistake would cost her life 4 days after at Davell Field.

Shot Down In Nazi TerritoryEdit

the raiders crash landed on Davell Field In Nazi Occupied territory in Germany on a Tall Grassey Hill.. From their Nazi Germany began a series of multiple attacks against the Raiders, although the Raiders were able to kill a some total of about 20-35 German soldiers out in the field, the Nazi Army have the members of the Raider;s Team pinned down in their crashed Black Hawk and when they are about to get shot, German planes flies over and shoots the Nazi forces causing them to scatter in desoray throughout the field, The Jets after their run dissappeared into the clouds, but were know to still be in the area at the time of the conflict.

However the Raiders, were about to move towards the Democratic Outpost about 33 miles away, the Nazi's attack again on the fields this time with Tank support. Armed only with M9 to M1911 Pistols, the Raiders are forced to fall back towards their crashed black hawk for cover, where they are soon over run by the Nazi's despite killing a large amount, however just before the Germans were about to finish the job, Niel 2 appears from out of the clouds and starts pounding the Germans all over the field, before being shot by a Panther tank and crashing about 3 miles away.

The Raiders run to Niel 7's side and attempts to pull the injured pilots from the cock pit, but are once again attacked by Nazi patrols. Gordon Stiller is hit over the head by stock of a Kar98, and many of the team is at last surrounded, where no where else to run. As they were about to be transported onto Truck, in order to be sent into Berlin. Gordon manages to pics up a Lugor Pistol and shoots some of the Germans away from his squad mates, unfortunately he runs out of ammunition after the first 3 kills and is about to get shot himself when Molly hits one of the German guards away with her M16. The remaining patrols shoot Molly, and the other pilots Dennis and Grant kill off the remaining Nazi forces. Holding a dying Molly in his arms, Gordon tells Molly that she can't die because she is going to be a mother, due to the fact of her being pregnant at the time of the Battle. but Molly replies by saying, "The Time will come when we will be together again.", before finally dying in Gordon's arms.

Rescued by the BuderwaserEdit

Just hours after the death of Molly Sigma, the Nazi's return again and attack once more against the Hill, leaving the Raiders to focus all attacks on the Germans. Gordon however didn't engage due to depression, and grief over Molly's death, but finally managed to wip out his M9 and start shootin at the Nazi's along side his squad mates.

With Ammunition being depleted after repelling multiple German patrols, the SS Return once again with the same Panther that shot down Neil-7, Just as the Raiders are about to be over run the Panther is destroyed from a shot fired from inside the near by forests. The Jets that struck the ground earlier during the engagement arrived once again targeting the Nazi ground forces forcing them to fall back into the North Woods, The Raiders, than see the Democratic Germans arrive out of the Eastern woods, with about 2 Leopard Tanks and 23 Infantry, annihilate the remaining Germans in the field.

The Raiders were finally rescued by the Democratic Germans and were brought to their field HQ at Davell, where they were returned back to the States, about 4 days after.

Aftermath Edit

In the aftermath of the Engagement, the 6 surviving members of the Davell field Engagement were given the Medal of Honors, for their heroic stand off against Nazi Germany in the country of Germany, in which would soon allow the United States and Democratic Germany's relationship to be strengthened almost as high as the UK's. Molly Sigma's body was laid to rest at New Hope Cemetery in Southern California where it was engraved on her tomb that she was among one of the finest female Pilots in the early months of the United Nazi War.

After the attack Kate Bush sent threatning Law Suits against Nazi Germany, for taking the life of a Pregnant Women as well as destroying all of her Fans in America, this Black mailing Law Suit would later raise tensions between the U.A.B.F and Nazi Germany.

Gordon though he was still depressed over the death of Molly, continued to fight along side the Military until his death on January 1st, 2013, during the Tokyo Riot, and would be laid to rest along side Molly at New Hope Cemetary.

Trivia Edit

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