The Fall of Carcus Town
Fall of Carcus Town 2011
Date: November 21st, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Carcus Town, Upstate New York
Status: Nazi Victory...
Operation: Gradossa


The Fall of Carcus Town clearly known as The First Battle of Carcus Town Was known too be the final engagment in Operation Gradossa, during the fall of the U.A.B.F. Hometown on November 21st, 2011, which led to the Occupation of the city not long after.

Though the city ended up in Nazi occupation, the British singer would escape Nazi Aggressions.

After the SS became victorious, the British singer over powers the master of antics and escapes the pursuing SS, in which would later cause Gradossa too end in failure.

Prelude Edit

Main article: Operation Gradossa

Defenses Fade AwayEdit

Fall of Gorgon CityEdit

By breaking through the center defensens the SS Would have a complete and open roadway towards Gorgon city. The city was already bombed countless times by the Luftwaffe, even before the North Army managed to break through. The city was quickly turned to rubble, although some factories continued production while workers joined in the fighting. The North army entered the suburbs at about 4:21Pm and automatically took control, without that much of a fight. They than entered the downtown area, in which like Manhattan, was hard to maneuver around due to the intense damage done by previous German bombings.

The U.A.B.F. rushed all available troops from Carcus Town, in hopes of trying to retake the city before the SS had a shot towards there home town.

The U.A.B.F established a field head quarters at Harris ridge, before any attack was to be mounted.

The burden of the initial defense of the city fell at Reaper Street, in Eastern Gorgon City, despite heavy resistance withing the streets. Despite this, and with no support available from other units, the AA gunners stayed at their posts and took on the advancing panzers. that were moving towards the heart of the city/ The German North Army reportedly had to fight the The U.A.B.F. gunners "shot for shot" until all 37 anti-aircraft guns were destroyed or overrun, around the city ruins.

The North Army however was shocked to find that, due to U.A.B.F. forces running scarce throughout the entire region, as well as manpower shortages, it had been fighting female soldiers. For a short time, tanks continued to be bought online by Military Fire, but due too the skies belonging now to the Germans, the Tranport aircraft that were carrying there orders had too be escorted by Canadian fighter jets, some had too even come in from the North which made the trip take even longer to make.

By the end late afternoon, the Nazi North army had finally reached the heart of the city, and over whelmed it, smashing the remaining U.A.B.F. defenses in Gorgon City. The city now lost was than abandoned when the U.A.B.F. evacuated back to Harris ridge only too lose the ridge as well due to pour defenses.

The loss of both Gorgon City, and Harris ridge would lead the North Army into a straight shot into Carcus Town, with a road wide open in it's sight.


Before the Initial Invasion, Carcus Town had already become a target by the Luftwaffe, in which caused a large state of panic within both the air raids, and the Operation Gradossa, not that far out. Many civilians were evacuated across Lake Ontario, and into Canada, while the Luftwaffe began to pick out the ferries one ship at a time, however the Luftwaffe attempted to bomb Canada, by destroying any Canadian transports in Ontario, but the attempt was thwarted due to 21st century Anti Aircraft guns in which would later force the Luftwaffe into continuing there attacks on the New York side, realizing that they can no longer hit the Canadian side.

Some citizens that were left behind were quickly put too work, by strengthening the defenses and fortified structures, within the streets of Carcus Town including women and children.

North Army Invasion Edit

Nazi OccupationEdit

After occupying both Gorgon City, and Harris Ridge, the Germans made there way towards Carcus Town, that was located about only 12 miles away. While en route the SS army used a newly constructed highway that was created by the United States in order to move vehicles quicker throughout the Catskill mountains. The highway later became Nazi Germany's as they used it too make there way passed the rugged terrain and into Carcus Town. After about 3 hours the North Army advance entered Carcus Town, claiming about one block after another. The U.A.B.F. later grabbed a hold of Brenda Kylie and attended to get her out of the city, and have her escape into Canada, where most of the cities residents had fled hours earlier.

The Germans began to tear down the town block by block from all directions, while searching for the British singer, these acts of aggression would later spread fear throughout every fan militia in the United States.

The Germans roamed everywhere throughout the ruined city, dealing with only small skirmishes within the streets.

Many citizens that were left in the city who were unable to escape the country in time were captured by Nazi Germany, and interrogated demanding to know the location of the English singer, those who spoke up, were let go, but those who refused would be sent to New England, where they would never leave the country and spent the rest of there time in a Nazi Death camp.

Despite these warnings, no one spoke of the location, which caused them too be transported by truck into New England, but U.A.B.F guerrilla tactics prevented the citizens from leaving Carcus Town, and aided them into either escaping into Canada, or fighting along side them.

Brenda Kylie Get's AwayEdit

While taunting the city, The SS continued to suffer several guerilla tactics from U.A.B.F snipers in the ruins of the city. U.A.B.F' s Snipers managed to Pin down a large Group of SS Invaders At Ignition Square Carcus Town, the Heart of the city According to a German officer Fegelein, Himmlar, and a large group of SS assaulted the ruins of the Concert area located at Hord Street, chasing Brenda down into the Sewers below.

Confident of Operation Gradossa being thier last engagement on U.S. Soil the Germans split up in taking different routes throughout the city expanding there search. Heinrich Himmler and a large group of German Soldiers scouted around the remains of the destroyed Concert area where Brenda Kylie was before the attack. Himmler directs the Germans to attack a ware house where the U.A.B.F took her for refuge, and later moved to hide her in the sewers.

However their element of Surprise doesn't last very long after Fegelein trips and fires a shot into the sky giving away the German's position. A large shoot out erupted around the concert area after the incident, allowing the U.A.B.F. to move Brenda Kylie into the sewers where they planned on getting her out of the downtown area and move towards Yara airfield, located about 24 blocks west of the Concert location.

However the shootout began too turn in German favor, and the SS Soon invaded the wear house forcing Kylie's protectors too let her go on her own, as they tried to stop the Germans from occupying the where house. Brenda Kylie managed to escape back into the streets, but A German soldier spotted her as she descended into the sewers narrowly evading a German Armored Patrol that had just passed moments after not noticing her.

The SS pursued by moving around the ruins while Tiger Tanks were doing countless patrols around the streets. But the SS would not move on until the ware house had been fully occupied.

After the fall of the ware house, the great pursue of the English sing commenced. Nazi forces managed to enter the sewers, following her path. She managed to make it into a narrow corridor causing the German search parties to spread out in confusion.

Though she manages to avoid all other patrols, It wasn't long before she ran into Fegelein who held her at gun point with his MP40, Stating that she is under arrest under the orders of Adolf Hitler for attacking their forces on the 8th, of November. As soon as Fegelein is about to arrest her, Brenda leads Fegelein into the corridor where she attempted to retreat and over powers the master of antics by pushing him into the water below. Brenda managed to escape the sewers, as soon as Fegelein was brought out of the water by Himmler, and was quickly making her way to the air port while being escorted by the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans, who at the same time had managed to send the Germans at Ignition Square packing hours before Brenda Escaped Fegelein. Brenda had tried an attempt make it back to England, before reinforcements can arrive.

Brenda boarded a stand by Jet, and was ready to take off when the Airport came under attack by German forces, although the attack was literally repelled, the U.A.B.F urged the singer to leave the Nation before reinforcements can arrive.

Brenda Kylie's Jet eventually became Air born just as the Air Port fell under German Control, where Kylie's plane her self was almost literally shot out of the Run way by a a Tiger Tank in front of the Aircraft just before it took off. In the aftermath of Brenda Kylie's escape from Carcus Town the U.A.B.F than fled into the ruins of the city, where they later regrouped and abandoned the city entirely.

Aftermath Edit

Though A Nazi Victory in a successful Occupation of the entire U.A.B.F Home city of Carcus Town, News quickly spreaded through out the Soldiers all over the Occupied regions stating that Brenda Kylie has escaped the Master of Antics causing the operation to become a strategic failure.

The failure of Operation Gradossa due to Fegelein's antics furified the German Invaders, and caused the entire United Nazi War to Expand preventing any soldiers from leaving the United States to return home to Germany.

The SS began to put pressure on the people of Carcus Town in hopes of finding her again, but were unsuccessful. A large disastrous bombing was initiated In Termite Ave 2 days after the Failure of Operation Gradossa on November 23rd, 2011.

From November too December there has been many attacks against the SS occupiers for control of the city.

Many Germans considered Carcus Town too be Stalingrad all over again, for things were so bad, the worst of much of the uprisings occured on November 23rd, after a mixture of American Resistance, and U.A.B.F forces bombed Nazi soldiers while marching through the streets of Termite Ave which later resulted into a large shoot out leaving 532 German soldiers dead, the acts of Terroirsm against the Nazi's would later cause the United Nazi War too spread farther inland.

Trivia Edit

  • Though much of the war was on land, there was rumors stating that the SS Attempted too try and Bomb Onterio, but were unable too succeed due too 21st Century Anti Air Guns...
  • 18% of Carcus Town's defenses were women at the time, but mostly due too the fact that the U.A.B.F were running out of men too defend the city...
  • Carcus Town's destruction was 110% larger compared too Stalingrads...
  • The Nazi Invasion of Carcus Town, was completely the same as the Battle of Stalingrad, the only difference is that it was a Nazi Victory instead of an allied...
  • At the aftermath of Gradossa, Carcus Town was Occupied by German forces for over 15 days, until it was liberated by the United States Military on December 6th of the same year in 2011...
  • The Fall of Carcus Town is featured in the United Nazi War Video Game's Plotline in Act 6, where the player has to make it through Carcus Town during the Aftermath of Gradossa on November 21st of 2011, in order to escape New England...

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