Battle for Control of Hampton
Fall of Hampton
Date: November 19th, 2011 - November 20th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Hampton, Upstate New York


  • Nazi Victory


  • U.A.B.F. Victory
  • Nazi Attack repelled during the First attack, on November 19th...
  • Nazi Second Attack Triumphs over Hampton...
  • Gradossa commences after the fall of Hampton on November 20th...
Operation: Deadtown


The Fall of Hampton Was one of the early Nazi Victories in the United Nazi War, occuring 3 days after the Siege of Norman on November 19th, opening up the road to Carcus Town during the openining stages of Operation Gradossa. The battle of Hampton was known by Nazi Germany as the Prior Event leading too Operation Gradossa.

Hampton Discovered Edit

Despite the Large engagement that took place At Norman Fields, in Western Upstate New York, The SS Were less successful in discovering the exact location of the British Singer Brenda Kylie.

But their luck changed some time 3 days later On November 17th, where the same German Force that attacked the Norman fields managed to wipe out a small U.A.B.F ban about 12 miles South East of Carcus Town, where they later discovered the Concert add and the exact date of Brenda Kylie's arrival in the United States.

Hitler responded to this ad by a massing a large Nazi Invasion force to crush Carcus Town during her performance there by exterminating the United Alliance of Brenda Fans, and arresting Brenda Kylie for her aggressiveness against the SS On November 8th. But 1 day before Operation Gradossa, The SS followed a small group of U.A.B.F forces to Hampton, which was known to be one of the U.A.B.F's major chilling out spots close to Kar, that fell 9 Days ago, On November 9th, 2011 during Operation Swordfish. The Nazi's surprised the entire U.A.B.F Garrison at Hampton, while they were chilling out playing Brenda Kylie, and video games.

Before the Attack the U.A.B.F Garrison managed to catch wind, that Brenda Kylie has just entered the country from England, by flying over Canada, and that her Concert was going to begin tommorow at Carcus Town. The fans celebrated while shooting guns and tanks into the sky they couldn't wait to listen to their mistress perform once again in their home city.

This battle was known to be the opening Engagement to Operation Gradossa, which was Initiated On November 20th, the day after the SS Attacked Hampton.

German Attack Edit

First WaveEdit

Second WaveEdit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Fall of Hampton was the first major engagement to take place in the Gorgon Region of the Catskill Mountains before Gradossa's Initiation...
  • It is unknown how the Germans managed to find Hampton at such a fast pace, in order to mount for the attack, but it was later discovered that the Recon force that was attacked at Hale Fields by the American Inland Army, were the main ones that found and reported Hampton, sometime after SS Freedom...
  • Hampton was under German Occupation for 20 days following this attack and Its Liberation on December 8th...
  • The Fall of Hampton was the second engagement in the early weeks of the United Nazi War to feature a 2 wave Battle...
  • The First Wave of the Attack is shown in the UNW Web Series in the episode called Prior to Gradossa Episode 1 of the Second Season, the Towns downfall is shown afterwards with German tanks moving through the city beginning Gradossa...
  • During the first Wave, the Germans no longer used any other vehicles but World War II Era American APC's, marking this the first and only known engagement in the United Nazi War to reveal and show captured American World War II APC's, they are never again shown in the series after this...

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