Battle of Jada
Fall of Jada
Date: August 4th, 2012 - August 14th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Jada, Upstate New York
Status: German Victory...
  • Nazi Germany takes control of Jada...
  • Inland Army escapes to Tinarian Island, while main Retreat enters Canada...
  • The Occupation of Jada begins...
  • Maggie Frank hides in her basement...
  • Coast of Upstate New York under German Control...
Operation: Unknown


The Fall of Jada also known as The Jada Blitz of 2012, was a massive tragic engagement in the United Nazi War that was fought during The Second Blitz, that occurred roughly 1 month after the Third Battle of Tyrus, where the remains of the Afghanistan forces that arrived in 2011 and liberated North Michigan and much of Upstate New York, retreated north to the city of Jada, and fortify the city through the rest of July, until a German Recon Plane sighted the city from above, while on a Recon mission to locate and report the strongholds of the remaining American forces of the outside military from Operation G Valor a year prior in 2011, to German forces in order to seek out and destroy em. 

Though the Plane was shot down by a single F-22 Raptor, the city was Attacked by a German army of over 200,000 strong, with strong air support on August 4th, 2012.

Though the Outside garrison was able to hold the city for about 9 days against Nazi Invasion, resources soon began to cave in, as Nazi Germany began to attack and bombard American supplies coming from Canada, while the main force surrounded the city by August 13th, that same week.

The United States by August 14th, soon began to abandon Jada, by sea in order to escape into Canada as the Germans began to overrun the cities outer and interior defenses, but their plans would soon swift into attacking and establishing a look out post on Tinarian Island, that was located about 13 miles from the coast of Jada on Lake Ontario. The Americans were able to successfully land and beat the Germans to the Island and allow the remaining forces in the city to abandon their positions and escape into Canada through Tinarian Island, while a small bulk remained on the Island in order to over look the city.


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