Fall of Manhattan
Fall of Manhattan
Date: November 9th, 2011 - November 10th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Manhattan Island, New York
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Last stand In New England Crushed...
  • Americans evacuate too Boston, where they plan to Escape New England...
  • Nazi Germany focuses Attacks on Boston...
Operation: Swordfish


The Fall of Manhattan Island Was a 2 day Engagement making it one of the longest battles in the Early days of the United Nazi War, during The Blitz. The Island of Manhattan was the SS, main shot into the Inland's of Upstate New York just west of across the River.

Despite many other Nazi Forces who have entered The Upstate Region from other parts of New England

The Battle ended in a Nazi Victory after the Battle of Central Park on the fall of November 10th, 2011, in the days Final hours.

Invasion of Teaneck New Jersey Edit

About 2 Hours before the Invasion of New York, the SS Struck Teneack New Jersey, by a massive land and air Invasion, hoping to occupy the city, and use it as a major stepping stone, and look out point for the the New York Invasion.

Had been bombed earlier from the Luftwaffe Invasion, and attacked minutes after. The the SS managed to occupy of about 40% of the city in under 5 minutes, mostly due to lack of military personal in the area defending the city.

They managed to occupy the coast of Teaneck over looking the Hudson River, and New York City in the distance right across the way.

Civilian Panic Edit

Battle of Manhattan Island Edit

The attack on Manhattan began at 5:49Pm, on the 9th of November 2011 after the SS Occupied Teaneck New Jersey along with a large portion of Upper New England starting at Main, than later down to New Hampshire, than New Jersey.

New York City was among one of the major Cities in the Nazi Air Invasion, before the Amphibious Invasion. The German Luftwaffe managed to launch a huge air invasion of New England reducing half of the coastal cities, including Boston, Atlantic City, and New York, into a State of solid ruble.

After The success of the Air Invasion, the SS Fleet arrived from the Seaborne and linked up with an Armada of Battleships where they began to shell New York from New York Bay.

Manhattan was known to be a real tough nut to crack to the SS Invasion. The cities tight streets made it hard to maneuver around with cars blocking the roads.

Germans managed to attack and occupy old town all the way to Union Square, they even sent a large force into New Jersey across the Hudson, and from across the Bridge, to aide the German Invasion of New Jersey that was taking a turn down from Gangs, Mafia, and U.A.B.F Presence in the region.

Despite stiff Resistance, The SS Managed to occupy the Eastern Tip of the Island as a foot hold, allowing them to expand their blitzkrieg deeper into the city. After a victory In Times Square, the Germans crossed the bridge and finished off New Jersey At 8:11 Pm.

Battle For Union SquareEdit

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American soldiers, defend a parkinglot While Germans advance through the ruins of Union Square on the Afternoon of November 10th, 2011...

Fall of MidTownEdit

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German Soldier, peaking out from behind a destroyed Fuel Tanker Truck, during the Fall of Manhattan, in November 10th, 2011...

Counter Attack At UptownEdit

Last Stand At Central ParkEdit

Battle Of Central Park Art

American forces fighting off overwhelming German INvaders on the night of November 10th, 2011, 7 hours before being overrun...

With the SS Advancing on all fronts and the National Guard defenders, surrounded, and encircled. The National Guard fell back to the once beautiful Park of Central, After establishing Barricades all around the park stretching from to.

Many small skirmishes were done as the SS, attempted to try and over take the Barricade walls that surround the park, but neither was successful in doing so. As Night drew close the German Luftwaffe began a large aerial bombardment of the entire park and sorrounding blocks that were still under U.S Control. Despite the heavy damage inflicted on the Park, the defenses were known to still be intack, and strong enough to hold off the SS for at least 3 hours.

The SS Began to A Mass from the Occupied Norhern Sector of the Island, as well as the New Jersey side of the Hudson river, in order to launched a full scale attack on the Park's main line of defense, the Guns Sector. The U.S National Guad units already known that the Germans could attack from anywhere began to concentrate there defense from the Northern and Western walls, but the SS were known to be concentrating more on the Southern Defenses. This confusion would later lead to the destruction of the walls, and the SS's entry into Central Park.

The SS Launched a surprise attack on Central Park's Southern Walls at about 7:59PM, catching the National Guard units completely off guard. Despite such a successful surprise attack the attackers, were known to be mostly just Infantry, and half track APC units, at the present time. Though Some of the SS managed to climb the Debris Walls, and enter the top, they were unable to make it passed.

Artillery, began to pound the Southern positions, from deep within the ruins of Manhattan, the damage was so intense, that the defenders, were starting to lose too many infantry units from all over the wall. National guard forces from the East than arrived, to reinforce the south along with part of the other sectors of the walls surrounding the park.

With great reinforcements, the National guards men, managed to hold off endless waves of Nazi Attackers, for the passed 2 hours, despite the pounding from Artillery, and the Luftwaffe over head.

Things however started to take a turn for the worst starting on 9:39PM, when the German main force began to come in force, with great tank support, and endless waves of Infantry and air support, this antic caused the rest of the defenders, to desert there Posts on the Northern, Western, and Eastern walls, and come and defend the Southern walls, leaving the rest of the Park vunrable to any attacks, with just only 120 Infantry men able to hold those walls, while the South contained about 30,000 by this very moment.

With all defenses now breached and the National guard surrounded, on all sides. The United States decided to fight on until there last breath. Many of the National guard forces began to use Craters as fox holes, while some other began to use destroyed vehicles as there only means of cover close to the ruins of both the ancient castle of Belvedere, and the Delacorte Theater, Encampments were stretched in from center park to Bows Bridge, representing there final lines of defense.

By 11:04, the SS attempted to attack one Crater, but were driven back due to too much resistance in the fox hole, The SS than attempted to assault the ruins of Belvedere castle, but were repelled from RPG fire.

The Center line continued to hold for about 12 minutes, but the SS proved to be relentless. With Ammo running out, and the National Guards men exhausted around 11:22P.m The SS began to over run the Center park. By 11:39Pm The National guards forces in the park were whipped out, along with the entire city of New York, now under the control of Nazi Germany.

With the Victory in New York assured, Panic spread widely throughout New England, as People began to abandon the North Eastern States and fled to Canada, the Mid West, or to Europe.

By 11:43, A large column of civilian refuges retreated to Boston Massachusetts, the only city left in New England that was under United States control. With the SS closing in on Boston, it was from here on that a Legendary sea battle would take place into assure that the refugees would make it out alive.

Aftermath Edit

Escape from New YorkEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Like the Invasion of Teaneck, the Fall of Manhattan was featured in the United Nazi War Video Game for the first 3 Acts, marking Manhattan the longest of the story line...
  • The Constant street Battles including that of Bombings from the skies from Heavy Bomber He-111's would be the main cause for Manhattan being abandoned by Americans at the end of the Blitz...
  • The Fall of Manhattan was the only engagement in The Blitz to last 2 days, as many of the other engagements lasted only one...

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