Cat Skill Mountains Theater
  • April 3rd, 1947 - July 2nd, 1947 (Novel)
  • November 12th, 2011 - February 2nd 2015 (United Nazi War Series)'(United Nazi War Series)


United Nazi War Series

Region: Cat Skill Mountains, Upstate New York
  • Nazi Victory... (Novel)
  • American Victory... (United Nazi War in 2015)


  • Germans Occupy all of New York...
  • Nazi Germany links with the rest of the occupied East Coast and fight their way West, linking up with Japanese Invasion force...

United Nazi War Series

  • Germans Stalled by U.S. Military in the North Catskill Region, War At a Stalemate...
  • Nazi Germany Conquers the CatSkill Mountains once again in 2012...
  • CatSkill Mountains Liberated once again in 2015...
  • Gren (Novel)
  • Multiple Names (United Nazi War Series)


The CatSkills Campaign was an engagement In Upstate New York, for control of the state, and possible entry into Canada, and the Western States. It was known as the longest engagement in the Nazi Occupation of the United States.

In 2091riveraisrael 2004 Novel Axis 7, The Germans were known to gain victory over the mountains overrunning the entire state of New York, in 1947, but did not Invade Canada, until 1953.

In the United Nazi War, the Catskills Campaign was known to be for control of the U.A.B.F in the surrendering of the British Singer, Brenda Kylie, Catskill mountains was considered to be the main engagement zone for the U.A.B.F and Attacking Nazi's.

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