Fatal Harbor is a fictional Harbor located in Southern Bronx, in which counts of a large breeding ship yard, for passenger frigates going in, and out of New England.

The harbor was reduced to ruins, during the opening of the United Nazi War, later resulting into the entire harbor falling under Nazi Occupation on November 10th, 2011.

Fatal was than used as one of the major Nazi staging areas in New England, for additional German forces arriving in New England from Europe, as well as acting as a transport for sending 21st Century equipment, back home To Nazi Germany for study. 

The harbor as well as the entire Southern Bronx, would later become part of a huge American Inland Operation, on April 7th, in an attempt to prevent anymore supplies from leaving New England, by Nazi Kriegsmarine Battleship Sabora.

History Edit


United Nazi WarEdit

Fatel Harbor

Fatal Harbor shown on July 2nd, 2014 along with Dead Manhattan in the Horizon, as a German BF 109 deceneds at low Altitude about to Land in Queens...

After the United Nazi WarEdit

Trivia Edit

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