The Ford Town Air Raid also known as The Bombing of Ford Town was a strategic event in the United Nazi War conducted by the United States Air Force in a bold attempt to pound the City of Ford Town in order to destroy German positions all around the city. Despite heavy bombings and intense damage conducted to the city on November 22nd, 2012, Nazi Germany still remained at large in the ruined city, where new locations were eventually ripped apart and transformed into Munitions factories in order to replace the ones lost in the Bombings.

During the Bombings the US Airforce out of 39 B-52 Bombers lost a grand total of 17, due to strong German anti Air defenses, stationed in the city, along with Fighters that were located in the cities airports, and Fields located outside Ford Town's Suburban areas.

The intense Bombing managed to allow 2091riveraisrael, Jak Aversion, and John Morris, to hijack a German Black Crow Drop ship and escape the city before the Payloads began to pound the Air port.


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