The Fourth Battle of Tyrus
The Fourth Battle of Tyrus
Date: August 6th, 2015 - August 13th, 2015
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Tyrus, Upstate New York

United States Victory...

  • Tyrus Liberated
  • Nazi Germany's defense perimeter of New England Breached...
  • Nazi Germany retreats to Ford Town...
  • Tyrus Jewish Population returns to there ruined city...
  • Nazi Defenses of New England Smashed...
  • Inertia Line Finally Shattered...
Operation: Nia Fire


The Fourth Battle of Tyrus known to most Tyran New Yorkers as the Liberation Day of Tyrus was a 7 day engagement and was also known to be the final Engagement in Upstate New York between Nazi Germany, and the Western UN Forces fought in August of 2015.

The events of the Liberation of Tyrus smashed the Inertia Line in the West, overunning the German capital, finally resulting into the Collapse of Hiyarm Nazi Germany's occupied portion of the United States. After the engagement, many legions of Nazi Germany later found themselves trapped in New England, with no way out.

After the Second Liberation of Tyrus, Nazi Germany, along with most of It's Kriegsmarine sunk, and along with 78% of their forces lost in Afghanistan, and in Europe, never again launched another attack against the United States, switching their tactics from offense, to defense that would last for 2 more months in New England.

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