Gale Dorva
Gale Dorva Airfield

June 1st, 1900

Builder: United States
Region: Aerial Fields, West Upstate N.Y


UNW Series

Sister Field:

Terer Field

Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Gale Dorva Airfield Is a fictional airport created by 2091riveraisrael and is located in the Countryside of Upstate New York, about 21 miles from the shores of Lake Ontario.

It was known to be one of the United State's most successful airfields in the air force.

The airfield played major roles in both the Novel and United Nazi War series as in both stories the base came under Nazi Occupation, but suffered two different fates, as in the novel after the Second world war and was later used as their main air force Headquarters on the Eastern coast of the United States, and was destroyed by the United Nations in 1993, while in the United Nazi War web series, the Base was liberated in 2015 by the United States Inland army and reused again after it was restored to its previous state before the Nazi Occupation of New England.

History Edit

Axis 7Edit

In the Novel Axis 7, Gale Dorva played a large role in the alternate World War II history and later German Occupation of North America, as the field served as the largest airfield on the East coast of the United States, and was also a main key asset, during the defense of the United States from the Invading Nazi's from 1946 to 1947.

The airfield was known to be smaller than that of the UNW Universe, and acted more as the main Headquarters for the North American German Luftwaffe, during the Occupation of the United States.

The Airfield was conquered in 1947, during the German North American blitzkrieg, and was then turned into a value asset towards the German Luftwaffe.

The Germans were able to launch air planes from this field and even were using the base as a storage unit for their Bombers containing Atomic bombs. These bombs were destroyed in 1993, during the Liberation of the United States by the United Nations, where after a large air raid occured against the base ignited the bombs and destroyed the entire base wiping out all assets of German forces in the region, including that of most of its Atomic bombs and long range bombers.

UNW SeriesEdit

Gale Dorva made another appearance in the United Nazi War web series, and just like in the Fan Fic, Axis 7, the airfield came under occupation from German forces, only difference is in the 21st Century, and not after the Second World War.

However unlike the novel, where the Airfield is used as a Testing field for super jets developed by the Nazi's, the Airfield is instead used as a normal airfield for the German Luftwaffe, while at the same time, obtaining stronger fortifications and towns, then it's original novel counter apart.

In the UNW series, Gale Dorva was the main headquarters for the German New England occupational air forces. It was also a key field in the War in New England, in which the Americans have struggled for 2 months at the start of the United Nazi War, to reclaim, but failed.

In 2012, the fan militia Echo Park, launched Operation Futile in an attempt to cease Hitler's opportunity on a second Invasion of Michigan, which at the time was being mounted from both Tyrus and this one airfield. Though Echo Park was able to conduct severe damage to the airfield and its structures, the Germans were able to hold its ground on the surrounding fields, and force Echo Park into retreat.

Despite its destruction, Gale Dorva was still combat compatible, and was still able to launch planes for air raids all around New England, whether it was a frontline engagement, or Uprising that had to be quelled in German Territory.

Over Gale Dorva

Birds eye view of Gale Dorva Airfield, shot by an American Drone on July 2nd, 2013...

Unlike in the novel Axis 7 where the airfield was destroyed by Canadian and American Bombers, The Field in the UNW web series and Universe, was liberated by the Americans on April 2nd, 2015, during the American return to New England, from Canada, and was reestablished again as a its formal military airfield for Upstate New York.

Base Layout Edit

20170905191515 1

Germans entrenched at the entrance of Gale Dorva...

20170905191715 1

Hanger sector 2, which once consisted of A-10's, now replaced with BF-109's and JU-87 Dive Bombers...

20170905191801 1

Runway 3, where it once consisted of AC-130's now contains Nazi JU-52 Transports, Ju-87 Dive Bombers, and heavy bombers that are hidden by the fog...

20170905191737 1

The Residential area, where buildings once stood, now serves as a German official briefing post filled with multiple tents, on the site where the Barracks structure once stood.

20170905191605 1

The official Officer's quarters section located near the entrance to Gale Dorva Airfield...

Trivia Edit

  • Gale Dorva, appears in both universes, concerning the Novel, and the UNW Series, where in each universe, the airfield, contains a different form of history, as in the novel, the airfield was destroyed by the United Nations in 1993, and in the UNW series, the Airfield was liberated, and reused again...
  • Gale Dorva is one of the main settings of the Novel to appear in the UNW Series, despite the UNW Web series no longer being canon to the Novel...
  • The Airfield is known to be larger in the UNW Series, then it is, in the Novel, as the airfield was known to be smaller and more base like in the novel, unlike the UNW Series which appeared to be more of a fortress like appearance...