German Civil War... (2004 - 2010)
Battle of Berlin...2004
Date: May 25th, 2004 - February 15th, 2010
Region: Germany
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Germany reterraformed back into Nazi Germany...
  • Democratic Germany Collapses...
  • Third Riech return too power...
War Years: 2004-2010
Creator:  2091riveraisrael

The German Civl War was a strategic 5 year war, which Erupted on May 25th, 2004, when Nazi Germany Emerged from the underground city known as The Resort on May 25th, in hopes of reforming Democratic Germany back into Nazi Germany.

During the first 2 years Germany had fallen immediately after the SS Emerged, but the conflict continued on from 2005 until 2010.

The results ended in Nazi Victory due too lack of countries coming in too aide Germany, and also mostly cause of Germany's out dated 20th, century Technology in which allowed themselves to become immune from Germany's 21st Century Technology. However mostly due to 21st Century technology, It would be 6 whole years until Nazi Germany would sieze control of all of Germany.

After the events of the German Civil War on February 20th of 2010, most of the Bundeswehr has been completely destroyed leaving only 500 left in Germany's military strength whom at the time were in Afghanistan. A new war would erupt a year later in 2011, when Nazi German Invaded the United States and conqured New England in just 3 days. Despite the end of the Civil War, fightning would continue to escalate throughout all of Germany by German Resistance fighters, while the largest bulk of the Nazi War Machine was engaged in New England. This fighting would continue until the end of the United Nazi War in 2017.

Prelude Edit

After World War IIEdit

Following the end too the Battle of Berlin in 1945, The SS managed too over come a daring strategy, before the cities downfall, in the early months of the war. From January 7th, 1945, The SS began a second Fuhrer bunker in which would later be completed by the time of Berlin's occupation. After the Soviet armies were advancing on Germany on all fronts the SS finally pulled in what forces they had left into the second bunker where they demolished the first Fuhrer Bunker. Following the end of the Second World War, from 1946 and up, Nazi Germany managed too Survive with the help of the new Bunker below the Fuhrer one. However Not long before the Second World War's end, an SS soldier managed too discover a strange lookin berry in the ruins.

This Berry would be the Key too Nazi Germany still bein around after 59 years following the End of World War 2. About 2 years after WWII's end Nazi Germany than began too focus on mining and expanding the under ground caverns of Germany while the events of the Cold War was going on. Nazi Germany had no contact with the outside world and no longer was able too discover what was goin on, on the surface. After about 3 years of intense digging and constructing, the SS managed too construct a large Underground factory just below Seelow Heights on June 4th, 1948. Oil and other fuel resources were dug up in order too power the factories, by 1959 Nazi Germany managed too construct an underground resort, in which allowed The expanding of the Armies and families, the resort would expand and cover from Seelow Heights all the way south too the Mediterran Sea, it went down In history as the first underground city on Earth when it was discovered 2 years after the United Nazi Wars end.

On August 13th. 1962, Nazi Germany than discovered a large Underground Lake, just below Kornex Harbor, in which reveled too be a large narrow Corridor that was submerged in which was large enough too fit an entire Battleship. Hitler ordered the caves too be removed, and for construction of a new underground Navel Yard. By December 1st, 1965 the Yard was complete coated with fuel tanks, ship launching docks including U-Boat Factories, this new Naval Yard would mark the return of the Kriegsmarine a century later.

On April 7th, 1978 Hitler than ordered a large Youth Factory too be constructed in which all of the Youth Berries that were found in the caverns would be stored and made into a liquid in which would keep the Nazi's up and running, the factory was completed and operation by 1984.

In the fall of 1988, the SS than began military mobilizations in which would last until 1996. With the material that was savaged before the Second World War's end, multiple guns Tanks, Planes Submarines ships, and APC were being reconstructed. In 1991 Nazi Germany managed too grow a fleet of about 200-400 U-Boats with the help of Recycled Metal, by 1996 The Nazi party managed too create an army of over 399,000 Planes, along with Uniforms, guns, tanks, ext. Immediately after following the completion of the military build up the SS would spend the next 8 Years drilling there forces before emerging in 2004.

The War Edit

Breaking The SurfaceEdit

Fall of the North South and Western FrontsEdit

Bundeswehr counteroffensiveEdit

Main article: Hans Gren Offensive
Battle of Rodicozo

Nazis entrenched in the Hans Gren region, fending off the Bundeswehr, during the Battle of Rodicozo, on August 20th, 2004.

Operation ExhaustionEdit

Fighting on the Western FrontEdit

Nazi OccupationEdit

Democratic Counter AttackEdit

Fall of Gonex FortressEdit

Aftermath Edit


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