German Occupied Jada
Occupation of Jada
Established: August 4th 2012
Collapse: May 13th, 2015
Era: United Nazi War
Years Active: 2012-2015
Active: 2 Years...
Status: Liberated by United Nations...
Continent: North America, United States


The Occupation of Jada was an event that occured during the United Nazi War that lasted from August 4th 2012, to May 13th 2015 after Nazi Germany had officially conquered the coastal of city of Jada in August of 2012.

It was widley known that German writer and further Reincarnation of Anne Frank was present in Jada at the time of the Occupation, and was hiding from German forces with her fiance in her basement for about 13 months up until her arrest on August 1st 2013.

The Occupation had fallen apart on May 15th 2015, when the City of Jada was Liberated by American forces during the final events of the American Theater during the Liberation of New England in the year 2015, forever removing all SS, and Wehrmacht presence from Jada finally allowing much of the cities inhabitants to come out of hiding and celebrate their liberation after 2 years of being under Nazi Occupation.

Trivia Edit

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