German Occupied Manhattan Island
Occupied Manhattan Island
Established: November 10th 2011
Collapse: November 20th, 2014
Era: United Nazi War
Years Active: 2011-2014
Active: 3 Years...
Status: Liberated by United Nations...
Continent: North America, United States


The German Occupation of Manhattan Island commonly reffered to as Dead Manhattan was a major result of an Invasion of New England, in 2011 during the United Nazi War. 2 Hours after the Fall of Kar, roughly 20,000 Germans landed on November 9th 2011 at the same time as the invasion of Teaneck, along with every where else in New England.

The Island of Manhattan including those of it's surrounding Borough's remained under the Rule of the Third Reich until 3 years later in 2014.

The occupation ended with UN victory in the Second Battle of Manhattan after a very successful D-Day Landing occured during the New Era on November 14th of 2014, during Operation Gorin.

Events Leading to the Occupation Edit

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The attack on Manhattan began at 5:49Pm, on the 9th of November 2011 after the SS Occupied Teaneck New Jersey along with a large portion of Upper New England starting at Main, than later down to New Hampshire, than New Jersey. New York City was among one of the major Cities in the Nazi Air Invasion, before the Amphibious Invasion. The German Luftwaffe managed to launch a huge air invasion of New England reducing half of the coastal cities, including Boston, Atlantic City, and New York, into a State of solid ruble.

After The success of the Air Invasion, the SS Fleet arrived from the Seaborne and linked up with an Armada of Battleships where they began to shell New York from New York Bay.

Manhattan was known to be a real tough nut to crack to the SS Invasion. The cities tight streets made it hard to maneuver around with cars blocking the roads. Germans managed to attack and occupy old town all the way to Union Square, they even sent a large force into New Jersey across the Hudson, and from across the Bridge, to aide the German Invasion of New Jersey that was taking a turn down from Gangs, Mafia, and U.A.B.F Presence in the region.

Despite stiff Resistance, The SS Managed to occupy the Eastern Tip of the Island as a foot hold, allowing them to expand their blitzkrieg deeper into the city. After a victory In Times Square, the Germans crossed the bridge and finished off New Jersey At 8:11 Pm.

Manhattan Island, became Heavily damaged during the Fall in which multiple Residents had to abandon the City, due to most of it being in Ruins, along with others not willing to live under Nazi Rule.

By November 11th, Manhattan became a Dead City, with only Germans roaming the streets and No American Presence. The fall of Central Park, lead to the beginning of the Occupation on November 10th 2011.

The Occupation Edit

Destruction CausedEdit

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Roughly after the City's fall before and including the events of the Evacuation of New England the morning after. The city was known to be empty and abandoned after the the Nazi Invasion leaving nothing more than destruction, and chaos on the streets, destroyed sky scrappers, crushed cars, and destroyed tanks as well, leaving 99% Of the rest of the entire city bomb to ruble by the Luftwaffe.

The newly constructed freedom towers, were destroyed. The times building had been whipped off the face of the town leaving nothing left but news papers on the ground.

Construction sites have been torn apart, and many of the sub way bridges have been destroyed. Nothing would be left to reside in the city, but Nazi Germany.

City Under OccupationEdit

Trivia Edit

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