Operation Hell Storm
Date: November 19th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Hale Fields, Upstate New York
Status: American Inland Victory
  • German Reconnaissance force annihilated...
  • Hampton Falls one day after the skirmish...
  • Operation Gradossa continues as scheduled...
  • American forces flee Occupied Upstate New York into Michigan...
  • Germans lock down Upstate New York...
Operation: Gradossa


The Hale Field Skirmish was an event during the Early weeks of the United Nazi War that occurred in Upstate New York on the fields of Hale, which took place roughly about 8 days after the Blitz on November 19th, 2011 roughly one day before the Fall of Hampton and the initiating of Operation Gradossa that same day on November 20th, 2011.

The skirmish was conducted by a group of American Soldiers who had managed to both survive the Blitz and Operation SS Freedom attacked a large group of Germans that were located In the fields of Hale.

The unexpected surprise Attack on the German camp on the field had completely outwitted the SS forces in the region and had managed to send the Germans running, where they later responded with Artillery that rained all over the field in hopes of finishing off the American survivors, this antic failed as the Group of soldiers had managed to escape the field by hiding inside German trenches until the Barrage had stopped.

The Attack on Hale Field revealed that surviving American soldiers were still fighting the SS Occupation behind German Lines, deep in the Occupied Zones, before they had managed to escape into Michigan from Upstate New York, just one day before the Fall of Carcus Town on November 20th during Operation Gradossa, this same military unit would encounter the SS once again 5 days later on November 26 during the Invasion of North Michigan on November 26th, and about 3 days after the Termite Ave Bombing at the Battle if Cincinnati City, in the early events.


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