Hollow Hill Remastered

Hollow Hill at night, on February 15th, 2011...

Hollow Hilll

Ink & Pen Concept Art of Hollow Hill by 2091riveraisrael...

Hollow Hill was a fictional region located in Southern Michigan, that was identified to be a large Hill located on Tartarus Fields, with the Nero forest surrounding the entire region.

The Hill became a valiant site of many wars, including the First and Second Nero War but never experience an attack from an actual military, or foreign Power until the United Nazi War in 2012, where the Hill was eventually overrun on January 23rd, 2012 during a German Blitzkrieg attempt against Southern Region, where the entire faction of Echo Park including that of Nolan Ross disappeared without a trace.

It was known to be the main HQ and home to both Nolan Ross, and the fan milita Echo Park.

History Edit


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