The Hraken Raid
Date: September 24th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Hraken, Main
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Nazi Germany falls for U.A.B.F Diversion...
  • U.A.B.F Stronghold cleared...
  • Nazi German plans reach Russian front...
Operation: Rim


The Hraken Raid was an event Conducted in the United Nazi War by German forces on September 24th 2012 after the Motor Chase and Ross Rail line skirmish, in a bold and strategic attempt in preventing Master plans that were developed by Berlin, from being transported out of the North Eastern United States, and into Russia.

Though the Germans were successful in clearing the entire U.A.B.F check point by early Dusk, the Plans unfortuntatly had already hit the seas in secracy just before the Raid had ended.

It was than discovered by Nazi Germany that the truck that had entered the Staging area in Hraken, Main along with the stronghold was nothing more but a Diversion, to draw Nazi Germany away from the real truck that had already escaped the area.


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