Imperial States of Japan
Established: 1947
Collapse: December 12th, 1956
Founders: Empire of Japan
Years Active: 1947-1956
Status: Disbanded...
Continent: North America, Western United States
Leaders: Shigeru Yoshida (1947-1956)
Capital: Margheia, Oregon
Creator: 2091riveraisrael

The Imperial States of Japan


Japanese Occupation After Second World WarEdit


Cold War with Fascist NationEdit


Competition over the AmericasEdit

The North Dakota IncidentEdit


Los Angeles UprisingEdit

Main article: Los Angeles Riots

Assassination of Malioshu CoriashiEdit

Main article: Assasination of Coriashi

Lockdown of 1953Edit

Fall of the Imperial States of JapanEdit

Main article: Axis Civil War (Novel)


Economy Edit

Education Edit

Military Edit

Laws Edit

Disband Edit

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