The Fall Of Oymey
Battle Of Oymey
Date: May 8th, 2012 - May 10th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Afghanistan, Middle East
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • The Town of Oymey Is Abandoned...
  • Taliban and Al Qauda wiped out...
  • Civilians abandon Oymey...
  • Nazi Germany concentrate on Kabul...
Operation: Oymey


The Invasion of Oymey commonly referred to as The Slaughter of the Taliban by the Coalition, was an engagement during the United Nazi War that was fought in the Town of Oymey from May 8th 2012 to May 10th of that same year between remaining Taliban fighters of Afghanistan, and Nazi Germany about 4 weeks after Nazi Germany had entered Afghanistan in April and took over Kandahar from the Coalition.

The fall of Oymey had managed to lead the SS towards an open and clear road towards the Afghanistan Capital city of Kabul, which fell a couple weeks later after this event.

Following the fall of Oymey, the town was used by Nazi Germany in order to preserve it as a landing zone for the German Main force to arrive from Kandahar across the Monsak River, and begin the large push towards Afghanistan. The town itself was badly damaged during the engagement and was left abandoned, after these events causing its once population of 205 people to take refugee in Kabul and other Afghanistan towns and cities that were under control of the UN at the time.

Prior to the EventsEdit

The EngagementEdit

Opening SkirmishEdit

Fight for East OymeyEdit

Second Air Bombardment of Western OymeyEdit

Nazi Germany crosses over to West OymeyEdit

Trapping the TalibanEdit




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